Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Advance Guidance

In period 3 right now. Got Romeo to the left, Macadingdong to the right,
& Vincent in the baccccck. YEEEE

It's so boring. Waitin' on Mr. So we can go upstairs to the DJ Rooom.
Mkay, later o

Thursday, April 16, 2009


HA, I can finallly see the spring in SPRING! =)
The sun has beeen shinin' these past days, & hellla windy.
Love it! Ehe

Welll, Havn't been updating much due to school, friends, homework, family time, etc. I havn't found the time to update besides right now .. haha. Anywho, this whole week was HSA and HSA has been pretty easy lemon squeeezy for me these past 3 days. Kind of had difficulties on some parts, today but still managed to put something down. "Something is always better than nothing."

Besides, I been lacking sleep and it's caused me to feeel so lazy! Therefore, I'm left with all these extra work that should've been done in class .. but didn't end up doing. Esp. my caption and reflections for advance guidance .. ugh. Pain in the buttttttttttt!

Aha, anyhoooots .. I'lll find the time to update when I have something interesting to
talk about. 'Tilll then sayooonara! =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I felll in love with this song!

You are my strength when I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all

Seeking You as a precious jewel
Lord to give up I'd be a fool
You are my all in all

Jesus Lamb of God
Worthy is Your name
Jesus Lamb of God
Worthy is Your name

Taking my sin, my cross, my shame
Rising again I bless Your name
You are my all in all

When I fall down You pick me up
When I am dry You fill my cup
You are my all in all

Friday, April 10, 2009

Frustration, Stress, etc.

I've been feeling it all week ever since we got back to school. Part of the reason why is because HSA! I swear, if I mess up this years HSA, i'm so doomed! 10th grade HSA counts more than the rest for college or something, and I wouldn't wanna have to take double dose classes if I fail. I'm not so worried about english; i'm more worried about math. Ugh. Killlin' me. But on the plus side I did take a practice math test. Mr. told us that we need AT LEAST 1/3 of the test correct in order to pass (that's about 14 points) and I got 17 points! So i'm allll g with that. Blaaah, I just don't wanna be left w/ 2 english classes next year. Which most likely, WONT happen. I HOPE. Lol. Oh & did I mention that Chalk & Wire is the worsest thing ever?! -_- I hate it. Actually, I'm starting to hate it. Stupid E-portfolio shit or whatever. Ugh. That's all i'll be doing on my 3 day weekend! This sucks -_-

Anywho, besides school, everything else is all g =) Had lunch w/ HKB on Tuesday which was pretty good! We ate at Genki's! Our favorite place =D Lol. Had the loads of laughs n' what not. Havn't reallly hung out with the girls since I've been at the DJ room practicallly almost every day during lunch. Lol, but we'll find a way eventually. And I always get to seee me loves at church ^_^ Speaking of which, tomarrow's Good Friday! No meat, and Mass at 5PM? I think. I'm most likely going. Hmm, I guess that's about it. Gonna go shopping tomarrow w/ my mother. Havn't done that in awhile. And I finally had the chance to clean out my closet and get rid of the clothes I don't use anymore! =) It's all going to goood use! Lol, time for new clothes ^_^ Heh.

Lates ♥.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Start of 4th term.

Yeah, today was back-to-school day! -_- Sort of a drag, but I lived =)

It wasn't as bad as I thought. Normally when I get back from break, I'm usually just slacking or lazy to do work but this time 'round it's different. Welll, of course b/c this is last term! Ha ha.

1st period was goood =) talked to Ash most of the time because she had A LOT to tell me, literallly. Like, no joke. Ha ha. Pretty goood talk tho [; Did HSA prep & what not. Pretty much it, since Ash n' I we're done early. 2nd period had HSA assembly, so we we're all at K building the whole time. It was pretty coool n' funny at some points ;b got back to class & just played hangman with the class. lunch hung out in D building with the girls. Tried to make a plan for Saturday, haha.. Hopefully it pulls through tho!! I HOPE! It was pretty goood talking n' laughing w/ the girls. Afterall, I havn't done that in awhile! Haha. 3rd period Had Delos Reyes. He's pretty chilll. Played games n' whatnot which was pretty fun. I think i'm gonna have a hard time w/ advance guidance -_- The whole Chalk & Wire thing .. Nuh uh! Not feelin' it. But we'lll see! Like my dad says all the time: "Nothing's hard unless you TRY" =) 4th period totallly late! Lol. Blame my urinary system! I couldn't pee in 3rd so I did it after. 4th period went by fast! It was pretty chilll. Just talked to HKB. Usualllls. Oh! & Pec called us up for our 3rd term grade.. AH! I got an A! =D Hehe.

Afterschool I went over to my grandma's. Babysat Izaiah. Played with the little kids n' what not. When Elijah woke up, I babysat him n' played with him so he wouldn't crrry and stuff. Mother picked me up around 5. Got home, myspaced n' cleaned out whatever I didn't need in my room. Need to make rooom for other stuff. Which reminds me, I need to clean out my closet! -_- I've got toooo many clothes that I barely use, gahh. Well, i'll put it to good use of course (:

Sucky thing is, I'm bored right about now & I can't even check my notifications on MySpace! Not coool at all. Ugh.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Period 3

CHEEAAA, I got uh new period 3 as of today ^_^
I'm soooo bored. Lucky I got Michelle, Kayla, Christian B., Vinny, Seth, & Romeo in my class
;D I hope this'll be fun! Hahahhaa.

Okay BBL! I wanna play tetris with those bitches. >;]

Officially the end of Spring Break.

It'll suck waking up hellla early, getting ready, walking to school, and most of all gettin' work done! Going back to school isn't always easy for me .. I tend to slack majority of the time but manage to turn in work and get the grades to be something that my parents will be proud of. Speaking of which, it's 4th term already .. And I'm hoping busting ass will end up paying off at the end. No more procrastination! (I HOPE!) Well, GPA has beeen 3.0 + so far, so hopefully it'll stay that way! Ha.

Anywho, last week of spring break was sort of stressing although I did manage to have some fun. Here's a recap:

03/30/09: I was over at Ethel's. Had to wake up hellla early, and i'm talking 5AM early! -_- Which pretty sucked because I only had about 3-4 hours of sleep. After done getting ready, Ethel, her parents, & I headed down to Waikiki Banyan (her dad's working place), it was SUPER cold so we sat in the car for awhile. Went to grab breakfast at Rainbow's Drive-Inn. Dang, they serve a lot for a 5 dollar plate o_O Didn't even end up eating it all! Got back to the hotel & Ethel's aunty got us a suite. Changed our clothes and jumped in the poool! Hellla cold, but it was all good after a bit =) After being super cold, we decided to go to the Hot Tub. My back was too sensitive for it so I jumped back into the poool. It was pretty coool, just ethel n' I hogging the pool to ourselves! Lol! Around 10ish, we headed back up to the hotel room n' got ready to go Alas. Cruised it there. Ate Genki's for Lunch! ^_^ Oh & we rode the trolley to & from there, hahaha. Jumped back in the pool when we got back .. but it was packed so i didn't feel much comfortable. Bought snacks and then it was time to leave. I slept practicallly the WHOLE way back home. T'was a good day, indeed. =D

03/31/09: Decided to stay home since I was super tired! I thought my cousins n' I we're gonna go out but I guess not. Slept n' what not. Pretty much killed time 'till my mother came home. Then went to Waikele with Chelle n' ma. Decided to break the ice towards everyone at my grandma's. Slept over, and it felt pretty darn goood being back at my grandma's after 2 months or so .. BLAH. Pretty much just talked to my cousins.

04/01/09: Decided to go out w/ Chelle n' Krissy. Went shoppping n' ate at Genki's. After shopping, we went over to Brandon's for a bit. Krissy had a total DUMB moment. One of those 'you-should've-been-there' moments! Lmao! Then homebound afterwards. Got stuck in traffic, no suprise at alll. -_-

04/02/09: Went over to Kalihi. Waited for Leslie to finish school then headed to Alas. Met up with Jr., Brandon, Frank, & Leann. Kind of went seperate ways because we we're in Shirokiya for the longest and it was getting so boring! So Leslie, Janalyn, n' I decided to go to Genki's! HAHA. Like, my 3rd time this weeek (but it doesn't end here), haha! After Genki's, headed back to my cousins house. Pretty much boring. Klayre decided to take us to the movies, which will continue on the next day...

04/03/09: Catched the 12:01 Midnight movie for Fast n' Furious w/ Klayre, Leslie, Janalyn, Jr, Dennis, Brandon, Jon, n' Dexter. The movie was pretty steeezin', despite the fact that I didn't quite get it ( I did at the end tho ) at first. But whatever still good ^_^ got home around 245 ish. Woke up around 1025. Got ready .. Went to Costco with cousins + Brandon. After Costco, went to Ward Genki's ^_^ HAHA. Can't get enough of it <33 Got home just before 240. Chilled with Klayre, Jr., Matt, n' Frank. . Until Brandon came over. Sort of played with his BB Gun. HA. Chilled outside w/ them n' what not. Pretty much it.

04/04/09: Went home .. that's it. BORING

04/05/09: Palm Sunday! Missed RCIA again >_< Damnit, I hate it when I miss it! Went over to Kalihi again this morning/noon. Then DonQuijote with my mother. Made it to 5PM Mass with my mom! (: Mass was sort of different today ... but stilll meaningful like always. Didn't stay for lifenight, mother told me to go home .. plus I don't think the girls went? Anyway. Schoool tomorrow! Gotta' go sleep, it's 11:22. 'till then blogger, gooodnight!