Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boredom Kills

I post too much on MySpace .. It's blogger's turn =)

NAME: Dianalyn Eaaaaaa

BIRTH DAY: July 24

AGE: 15 and a half. HA HA.

HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown w/ 3 streaks of blonde and half of my bangs are blonde.



DO YOU HAVE A JOB? No, although I wish I did -_-

FAVORITE COLOR: PINK, my ultimate favvvv <3

FAVORITE FOOD: Don't really have a favorite.

DO YOU HAVE PETS? Not much of a pet freakkkk.

DO YOU DRIVE? Not yet ;(

SMOKE: Naddda.

DRINK: Water, Arizona Green Tea. I like CLEAN fun =) Others don't know how to have fun without the drugs/alcohol n' whatnot HA HA HA HA!

COKE OR PEPSI: None. I gave that up a long time ago.

HUGS OR KISSES: Both will do.

Mcdonolds OR BURGER KING: McDonalds.

NIGHT OR DAY: Day n' night.

BESTFRIEND: I have bestfriendS. Too lazy to name them all.

AGE: ranging from 15-17.

We all met either from school, through friends, through cousins. Blah blah blah

They're the ones I can count on. And most of them are there for me, not all. HA so sad.

Yesterday, the day before that, the day before that, and blah blah blah

Idk, go loook


Some short, Some talll

LOVE OR MONEY? Looooooooove. Maybe, both?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break MODE

I'm getting so used to this whole Spring Break thing; Now it's making me not wanna go back to school. Then again, 4th quarter .. Neeed to bust ass to get them A's =)

Gonna RE-CAP on my weeek so far ..

3/23- Decided to have some kind of girls day. So we didn't have anywhere in mind to go so we decided to just chill at me casa. All the girls came over, talked about relationships and what not. Colored our hairs & just the usual girl thanng. It felt really good to be with ALL the girls knowing how much i've been missing out on .. Haha. They kept me company 'till 7 at night. Then my mom decided to go to my brothers house .. Zayla them weren't home .. BOOHOO. Didn't see them for awhile. -_-

3/24- Kalihi bound again. Cousins and I decided to go Alas to kill time. Wanted to buy me those boots since they we're on sale but boots are like .. out of style sort of since it's not winter anymore. Depends how you wear it .. haha. After alas, we headed to Waikiki to pick up my cousin from work. Then we went to Baby Emporium for Matt. They're hello kitty set was so cuuute! I wanted to buy everything but it's all for babies, LAME.

3/25- Around the Island ^_^ This is like a yearly thing with my cousins. But I love it. This time we rented a U-HAUL Van so we could ALL ride together & it was pretty fun ^_^ Too bad some people didn't show face though, boo. Ha. We headed to Dole first. We we're too early so we didn't get to do the Maze although I wish we could despite the fact that we all might get a headache after (like last year) , So we rode the train instead. The lady gave us discount which is pretty good because the ride sort of sucked! Haha. And she gave us extra photo copies! She's so nice. I love workers like that. Stuck-up ones are so mean, okay .. ANYWAY. Then something gross happend. Brandon flicked this reallly big green lizard from a leaf to behind my cousins feet. It was like reallly fat and long, EWGH >_< After Dole, we headed to Matsumoto's Shave Ice, this private beach in Kahuku, Kahuku Shrimp (YUM!), Waimanalo Bay, & then Dennis took us to this private alley in the mountain up on Hawaii Kai. Pretty Dark and steep. My cousins caught this couple makin' good love .. pretty disgusting actually. Down the alley was this clifff with a bunch of rocks and a cave all the way down & of course the beautiful view of the ocean :D Pretty cool! We we're supposed to head up to tantalus, but Brandon had to go home so we dropped him off. Got home, cleaned the U-Haul Van & then went to alas. SO TIRING but I got me some good night sleeep :D

3/26- We we're sort of iffy on the whole 'Ice Palace' plan since my cousin had to work. Come to find out, he finished at 11 so we ended up going to Palace. So it was Cousin Klayre, Dennis, Junior, Leslie, Janalyn, Brandon, & Frank. It was pretty good despite the fact that I had to LEARN how to skate again since I forgot! Not my fault, I havn't been there since 6th grade!! Lol. It was pretty empty so we just enjoyed ourselves with some good clean fun =) Held onto my cousins 'cuz I was scared. And then Brandon & Dennis pushed me on the ice! Lol. Ugh, Held on to Frank since I didn't wanna fall and he almost killed me! ;( Lol, it's okay though! Thanks for the hand ^_^ Ice Palace closed at 430 so we left at about that time n' headed homebound. Went to Alas for a bit .. & Pretty much it =)

3/27- Didn't really do anything besides upload pictures, pick up my cousin from work, & go with him to take his permit test or whatever. My parents came to pick me up around 5. Headed down to the Convention Center for the auto show. Wasn't that bad. A tad boring but better than nothing. Shopped around alas after. Bought me a Juicy wallet, *Thanks brother Jay :D Ate dinner with the 'rents @ Zippys & then homebound. Pretty exhausted but glad to be back in my own bed ^_^ Haa

TODAY: Got a pedicure while my mom colored her hair. Ended up going shopping afterwards but I didn't spend much. Got home around 350 ish. Ran a mile & I feeel really good that I accomplished what I always tell myself on doing! Ha. Hmmm .. And that's about it. My fingers are getting sore from typing. Overall, this spring break is going pretty good =) Better than expected. I wish there we're more weeks to Spring Break but it's better than a one week break, or none at all! Mm, I havn't seen HKB in awhile! I miss them, & my girls too! Ahhh well.. Oh And I got me the Promises for Women book! FINALLY. I love it ;D Better to comprehend!
Haha, alrighty too much typing.. Update later. Peace.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Off to a good start.

Spring break started off good, and i'd like it to stay that way & end that way =)
Let's recap, sha'll we?

Friday- I didn't end up going school since I stayed very long Thursday afterschool. So my mother took me to Kalihi so I can stay at my cousins place. Didn't really do much but go to Wally world & Jacks. I was sort of tired, well .. okay maybe not SORT OF but MEGA haha. My mom & I decided to go Waikele after work, since we havn't been shopping for how many weeks?! Heh. And then the night was just chilll.
Saturday- My mom & I decided to go out yet again. Headed to Pearl Highlands & Waikele. Didn't buy much. I got my bangs cut again though (:
Sunday: Started off with RCIA which was pretty g, excluding one part though ;( She's in my prayers! After class, my mother, Dulce, & I headed to Wal-Mart. & then back to my house to chill for the time being. Got ready for 5PM mass, headed to Church. After mass was done, lifenight it was =) So chillll. Got into our groups from retreat and just ate together, talked stories and what not. Good stuffs =) And it was better 'cause it was just Geraldine & I, haha ^_^ Watched the video frm retreat which was pretty steeezin ;D We actually did a lot, but it was so fun. Lifenight didn't end 'till like 9 maybe? Took a lot of pictures that's why. Hm, And then we all decided to go Jumar's party. Chillled, n' listened to the people sing & Allie (our entertainment), lol! Dulce, Janice, & I kind of had this confidential talk thing which was pretty coool. I'm so glad we had the talk though ^_^ Relieves whatevers on my shoulders. Haha. And then the night ended around 1145ish. Got home & crashed!

As for today, I think the girls are coming over =) Gonna color our hairs, haha. Yay!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A little bit of everything.

As we all know, it's almost Spring Break. Well in fact, just one more day & then we're off to break! Kind of dissapointed though, for not trying my hardest to put effort into the work I do at school. Then again, it's better to complete it than not, right? Hm. School was pretty much the usual it's always been. Although, I've been feeling a little bit of everything and it frustrates me. What can I do right? Some things just never seem to change. Anyway, so I decided that I'd stay afterschool today, which is a first for my whole Sophomore year, literally! Haha. Went to Uyeda's class to do work that has been unfinished and finished my whole 7 Standards thing for my binder. I finished just in time for my brother to pick me up. From when I got home 'till now, I've been wasting time doing nothing but watching TV and on the internet, which is pretty sad because I feel like a no-lifer. HA.

Well, I can't wait for Spring Break! There's so many events happening .. My cousins and I decided that we'd go around the Island since we couldn't stay at a hotel. Usually my uncle would get free rooms for the family but no luck this time 'round. But it's alright, no complaining. =) I don't know exactly what else is planned for my family. Hm, Sunday is "Full-Filled" reunion, & I can't wait :D I get to reunite with my sisters & brothers in Christ. Heh. Hm, & hopefully I make all the time to spend it with my girls n' HKB. And of course, my familia. My mom & I havn't been bonding so much lately like we did before, but i'm pretty sure we'll make up for it :)

Yeah, so I guess that's all i'm updating on for A little bit of everything.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Full-Filled (Pictures)

CABIN 4!! ^___^

Margie, Janice, Me, Joyce, Jacob & Marc in the back.

Marc, Lheslie, & I =)

My girls, [Joyce, Dulce, Margie, Me, Janice, Lheslie]

A group picture of everyone =D

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fill my heart - Twila Paris

The feeling of being "Full-Filled" with god's overflowing love, and the feeling of being "spiritually high" is the best feeling ever. The "Full-Filled" retreat this past weekend was my first I went to and it meant a lot to me. I experienced MANY things that I havn't learned, I went there with an open heart and mind, and yeah- I cried. I CRIED A LOT. This high is something you guys should experience yourselves. Spending my weekend with God and the ones I love most was great.

Going back to the "REAL WORLD" was the toughest, and is the toughest in fact. People start to let you down, temptation gets the best of you, and others question you or even talk about you; But like what my girls tell me: "You shouldn't let them let you down, because they don't know how you feel and how it felt to experience what we did. Don't let them bring your high down." And it's true, I'm not gonna. People think it's so lame but to really KNOW God and the love he has to offer, is one the most best feelings ever. Afterall, our life isn't ours- It's God's.
And I'm glad I said yes to God =)
I put my faith in his hands & I trust him fully.

God is good, all the time.
All the time, God is good.


haha, later.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I am confident enough and i'm not gonna try and doubt myself.
I'm going to this retreat prepared, although I am scared; it's okay right?

I'm so ready to get in touch with God & be closer to him than ever.
I'm ready to meet new people, new faces, and get closer to people.

Retreat is tonight and the rest of the weekend and I can't wait! =)
I'm alll set! Yipeeee <3

Wont be on for 3 days or so. No phone either.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


recap on yesterday - mm, me ash n' ethel decided to just be done with it, so we did. gave leftovers to those whinnny bitches n' windle. school was gay. afterschool, windle dropped us off to ethel's but went to manapua man before that, thanks windle! =D ate n' then do the dooo. it was pretty steeezin'. hahaaha. cruised at VP n' den walked back to ethels n; ate a lot! >_< daddy picked me up n' zayla n' xayden came over after =D

today - nothing much. school was a drag. 1st was alright. 2nd was boring. 3 was stupid. finished our project thing. n' then 4th was so irritating. had to take the test for next years english class. ugh! n' i was so not feelin' it! im starrrtin' to get a fever, i can feel it -_- shit. hopefully it doesn't get worser because retreat is tomorroww!! n' i dont wannna miss out on it! im excitedddd! :)

hm, i cant for retreat! hopefully all goes well if anything :D yayyy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This is so pathetic. I feel like i'm chasing pavements -__-
I don't know! Is this wrong?

Ahhhhhhhhh, I suck at this for real

Anywho, Days are getttin' better. I have somewhat a cold, don't know how .. but uh, i'll deal. School has ben good also, 3 A's n' 1 C. Goood right? RIGHT. Mhmm, Well i'm tired plus there's not much to update on, so sayooonara!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wanna be good - Ryan Leslie


It's stormy, ;( The wheather has been so weird lately! Windy, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy, ahhh! I think i'm starting to catch a cold! Anyway, Gonna go fitting for my brother and his gf's wedding =) Yay! I'm a bridesmaid ;D HAHA. After that, probably gonna go pick up some stuff for my mommy then visit my Uncle Blair. Other than that, nothing really interesting to update on. I'm excited for retreat! And there's no reason to be scared now :] And you know what really hit me? When I was telling Jan & Donna how i'm scared for retreat and Donna was like, "Why are you scared of God?" Or something like that, and now I realized there's no reason to be scared. I mean it's okay to be scared, right? :) Still need to find me a sleeping bag & Margie has my duffle bag! Lol, ahhhh. Well, I guess that's it!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not my day.

Everything was basically irritating. My day started off irritating and that's how it went for the whole day! Gosh, can this day get any worser? >;[ Although, 3rd period was the funnest of all. Thanks, Michelle, JaQuan, Nave, etc. for the loads of laughs! The best foreal [:

So anyway, afterschool was alright. Went to Ethels but waited for the bus for FOREVER. Literallly! This is why I keep telling my parents that I should get my permit to I can drive sooner or later but my mom keeps holding my dad back from saying YES, ugh. -_- Oh & when I got home, our house almost burnt down! My dad went upstairs and took a shower and totally left the cooking un-attented! BLAH thank god for me and my mom's fast thinking!

Now i'm packed with the loads of projects and homework! It sucks, for real! ;( But I'm working my ass of for this because I reallly need to boost my C up to an A, since I already have 3 A's! Oh yeah! Ha!

Hm, whatelse? Oh yeah! You know what I don't like? When people think i'm so dumb that I don't know what their talking about or they think I don't know their stupid secret when the WHOLE WORLD is talking about it! LOL. Hilarious but irritating at the same time. Yeah, I really don't know .. HA.

OKAY, Gonna go homework. Peazzzz.