Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Head up high

I've been through so much to be feeling the way I am. I wont even let it bother me, already. Hopefully things will get better in time.

Anyway, recap on my day yesterday .. Went out with Ashley & Ethel to supposedly have our christmas lunch out with us 3 but Ash's boyfriend (Jason) tagged along, which by the way he taggede along his two other friends (Kai & Chris). But of course, I don't mind. But so shame! Haha. Ate Genki with all of them, and it was shame because Ethel & I barely knew them. But after awhile later .. we got comfortable. Cruised at Waipio Park for awhile then headed to my house. The ride home was funny :P Chilled at my house. Helped Ethel do her IPod on Jason's macbook & then Kai & Chris came over. They just played WII & whatnot. After they all left, Us 3 cooked spam, sang karaoke, and took stupid pictures! Lol. Then went out to drop them off & go shopping w/ the 'rents. And then from going home & then on, it was downhill for me ;(

Woke up without force today, finally! Lol. Got ready & headed out with the girls. Went shopping at Pearls. I couldn't find anything at all! Basically because we we're mostly in boy stores, lol. But that's alright. Ate Arby's. Mhm, it was finally good to cruise with the girls after awhile. Hah! Mhm. After that, mommy came to pick me up & we headed to buy things for my brothers/new years party for tomorrow. Dang, can't wait! Big party tomorrow ^___^ Welll, I got company tonight. Me cousin is sleeping over, yay! Haha.

Argh, my brother is taking long to cut his hair & get our food. Bleh x_x But I can't complain because he's getting food for my cousin & I, lol.

AHH, okay later blog

Monday, December 29, 2008



Sunday, December 28, 2008


I basically sat my ass on the damn couch for about an hour or so tweaking on WII.
How nice, right? Ha! Which resulted in my whole body aching afterwards. Good workout I should say. Haha.

Anyway, I'm looking foward to '09! (: I mean, I'm letting go of all the negativity s l o w l y, trying to live up everyday 'till the new year, & trying to better myself each day. Speaking of '09, that means NEW new years resoulutions! Although I highly doubt i'll ever stick to them. But it doesn't hurt to try right? RIGHT

Oh and did I ever mention that the Swiffer Sweeper Jet commercial is awesome ^_^ Lmao. Yeh, I really don't know .. But this blog is useless! REALLY not-worth reading. :P

The malls get a tad bit boring everytime. Waikele's boring, Pearls is overrated w/ intermediates, Alas is too big & a tad expensive, Kahala isn't much, & Windward is just the same as pearls. Boohoo, but what other choices do I really have? Haha.

I think i'm buisy everyday of this weeek! :) Tomorrow, Ash, Ethel, & I are planning on eating lunch at Genki then maybe chill at my house? Or elsewhere. Tuesday, I'm planning a day out with the boyfriend since I havn't seen him since last week. Maybe the girls will tag along? Wednesday- New Years Eve, The family is coming over to my house for the BBQ for my brother & to celebrate New Years. Thursday, My uncle's birthday & of course, NEW YEARS! :D Friday, Not sure, probably sleepover Kalihi side. (: If not then, whatever happens. Yay, I'm booked for this week!

The brownies ready, I should go. My cousin is holllllerin'


So today went s'well afterall =) Ha. Power was back on, shopping malls we're up & going, there's A LOT of sale. BUT that downside was TRAFFIC. Lol, well not that bad, but still bad. You get? Okay, maybe not. But anyway, I spent half the day with my parents. Went back down to Waipio Costco to get some stuffs for my brothers/new years party. Stopped by Home Depot & Wally world, where I stocked up on Christmas things since it was all 50% off. A pretty good deal, tell me not. Headed homebound, after. Tweaked on WII, once again. ^__^ It never gets old. Well, not to me atleast. Ha. Ate lunch & then headed back out with my mother n' Krissy. Shopped at pearls. Didn't find much -_- I mean, there was A LOT of sale! Then again, everytime I got the cash to go shopping- I can't find anything! And when I don't got cash, I find so many things I like! Lol, I know .. Weird huh? I bet i'm not the only one. ANYWAY, headed to my grandma's house after. Chillled like the usual.

As of now? I'm watchin' news & catching up on what happen to what they supposedly call- "Black Friday." Ha! Well, off to play Diner Dash while I wait for boyfriend to call me.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


So yesterday, I was listenin' to the raido stations .. N' they we're talking about how yesterday (122608) was BLACK FRIDAY number 2! Lmao. Okay, so It really did turn to Black Friday ... Seriously. Gosh, I never thought majority of the whole O'ahu wouldn't have electricity, but I was wrong. So anyway, Everything was all goood .. My family & I we're playing WII, laughing & everything .. & then we decide to head out to Waipio Costco. By the time we reached Waipahu, The lights we're gone EXCEPT Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Makakilo, & Waikiki. The rest? BLACK. Nothing but pitch black! Ha. So the roads we're obviously hard to see, being that there we're no lights & to top it off, it was raining hard! So we head down Waipio/Mililani side only to find no power. So there we we're- STUCK IN TRAFFIC, MAJOR traffic I should say, for about a goood one hour! It was hard going through Waikele, esp. having to take turns since the traffic lights weren't working, so boohooo to that! Then we get home, No one home .. No flashlight. Used our cell phones to find our way through & find candles. HA! we got lucky! Just about 1 big candle, and another small one. So that was that. Sat outside for the longest! Then my parents fell asleep which meant me being awake alone. Ahhh! So I played Diner Dash on my laptop to keep me buisy :) (THANK GOD FOR LAPTOPS*) ;P I didn't get to talk to boyfriend because for one, I was too buisy w/ my 'rents. Two, I didn't want to talk loud when my parents we're sleeping. & three, He closed his damn phone after, ha! So that made it harder for me to sleep- I totally HATE the dark >_< Haha.

So anyway, I wake up at 6:34, & the powers back on. ALLELUIA! :D Misohappy! Haha, So I wake up instantly & just play my WII before anything else happens, AGAIN. I'm even charging everything as of right now, Haha! That way I have nothing to worry about. Hm, All this because of lightning! How lame, right? Hopefully everything goes s'well today! My 'rents & I are planning on heading back to Costco since we need to get some stuff, but we're leaving probably two hours ahead of 12, since the KCCN FM 100 said there was gonna be another lightning at 12 or whatever. Could be lies :P I wonder how much people we're frustrated because the loss of signal through their cell phones & no internet, lol! See how much people depend their lives on internet, cell phone, ps3's, WII's, etc. Haha, We should all prepare now xP

'Till then, I'll update when I get the chance too. Later blogger ♥

Friday, December 26, 2008

Best christmas yet

A cute bag from 'EXPRESS', A hollister tank top, A WII, A hello kitty shirt, accessories + another shirt, 2 pairs of panty & a bracelet, a make-up case, $50 gift card to FOREVER21 :D :D, N' 80+ buckarooos! ;D

That's pretty much what I got for Christmas. And NO, It's not a complaint, lol. I love it! I mean, I don't blame anyone .. the economy is a _itch right now, Haha. My parents too, didn't do much shopping this year. I guess the economy is just as bad. But I'm satisfied! Afterall, Christmas isn't all about getting gifts. It's being happy, n' loved, n' giving love that matters the most. :) Heh. Anyway, Today, My mom & I played santa clause for about 15 minutes :P Dropped off presents to Kalihi side since we couldn't attend the dinner there because we didn't want to ditch our other plans. Heh, saw baby Matt, that cutie! ^_^ After Kalihi, we stopped by a bunch of stores & went grocery shopping n' then homebound. Talked stories w/ just my momma' & brother jay. It's been awhile since we did that. We had a pretty good time talking about our lives, haha. How interesting :P Mmm, dropped off food at my other brothers house, & then went over to my grandma's for BBQ. It was goood! But not as exciting as yesterday. Took pics before Chelle left (to spend time with her moms side), ate dinnner, uploaded pictures, & sat down w/ all my cousins watching movies on HBO. I think we we're watching One Missed Call, Mhm. But then we all had to leave since the parentals work tomorrow.. Heh. So that was my joyful christmas ;D I hope everyone else had a good one ^_^

So for tomorrow, I think my mother & I are planning on heading down to Kalihi to chill then shop after .. (: Yeh, pretty much it. Happy holidays everyone! ♥

I should mention that TWENTY'09 is comin' by real fast >_< Geee! Another year, Another set of new years reslolutions (that i'll probably forget), HAHA. ENJOY 08 while it lasts! :D

Thursday, December 25, 2008


So the morning up until noon was boring. I woke up to find NOBODY home, how sad! BUT, I used my time wisely :) I made myself breakfast, watched t.v., cleaned my room, fixed my closet, put away my laundry & arrange my closet so everything could fit .. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! :D Lol, I've been procrastinating on my laundry & fixing my closet. So today I finally found the time. Actually, I always have time .. I just don't use my time wisely, which by the way, I should start learning how to do that more often. Anyway, so my brother Jay came home from work & told me he won a WII from his christmas party at work; And he's planning on just giving that to me since I wanted one for the longest, YAY! :D Which reminds me, I need to buy games ^_^ ANYWAYS, Mommy came home. And guess who comes over? ;] ZAYLA BABY! Haha, Aw that cutie! Played with her, n' whatevers. Talked stories 'till they left. Then we get a call from my grandma saying that we should eat dinner there, so that's where we went. Ate dinner, exchanged gifts, arranged all the loads of gifts underneath the christmas tree (which was A LOT, -_-), watched old cartoons, n' then photo sessioned w/ the cousins ^_^ Aw, it was finally MKDA, again. Only because Gee showed up n' was in the mood to take pictures .. Most times she's just M.I.A., which sucks! But yeh, The pictures turned out cute =) Added the little kids in it, which made it even more cute, hehe. Then settled down a bit n' watched my grandma open her gifts. That was pretty much it. Laughed a lot, like always. Hmm, can't wait for tomorrow :) It's another day! Haha. Aw, this year is probably the best christmas, yet! I love my family :D I know, so family-oriented huh? I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd rather be with them than miss out on the good stuff.

But to everyone else, MERRY CHRISTMAS! *Happy holidays, love you all♥

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now or Never.

This shit really gets OLD & I'm so sick of it, already!
What's it gonna take to make you realize?
How many times am I gonna have to give in?
We can't wait forever just to make things work ..
It's either NOW or NEVER ..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Good company.

It's the start of winter break, officially! And i'm off to a good start, so far :)

So today wasn't much. Although, I did find the right day to have some quality time with the boyfriend. He kept me company for a good 3 hours. Yay to that! Haha. After he left, I slept for 4 hours, which was good because I woke up early this morning, anyway. That was that. My mom came home, she cooked dinner & decided that we head out since the guys we're sleeping they asses off. Headed to Waikele & went last minute shopping (I hope it's the last) ha. Bought me an outfit to wear for our family gathering ^_^* Geez, I can't wait! Christmas is coming so soon, can't you believe it? Then it's gonna be 'Good bye 2008, HELLLO 2009' ;] It'll come by fast .. since the days are goin' by hella fast! Anyway, I'm at my grandma's house as of right now. My little cousins are keeping me company until the girls decide to come home, Lol. Mkay, off to watch movies on HBO :) That's always the best part about being at my grandmas- HBO ;D ♥


And It's feeling more & more like Christmas :D

Hm, So I woke up xxtra early today so I can freshen' up for church, duh :P Lol. So anyway, got myself ready, which took approximately 1 hour. Then my mom & I headed to go pick up the food for RCIA. Got to class, n' talked stories & what not. Watched a movie, which taught us a lesson. And talked about which was our saddest christmas, n' happiest. And Aunty Julie was crying, which made everyone else cry ;'( Anywho, I feel like this years christmas is my happiest because our family is complete, we have a christmas tree, & no drama with the family this year :) My saddest was probably two years ago .. but anyway! On with m'life, Lol. So after we talked stories, we prayed & then started grindin' on the good food, yum! :D Talked stories w/ Dulce. Kind of catched up on things, but not really. Then exchanged gifts w/ everyone. (Btw, THANKS SECRET SANTA*) Laughed a lot, after .. Then left to my grandma's- I didn't want to make my daddy wait, lol. Headed to my grandma's. Where I babysat Bigboy Izaiah & uploaded pics from a few days ago. Gosh I'm always late, huh? Lol. Mommy picked up a few hours after. Headed home & slept 'till she decided to go back out. Went to Wal-Mart to get us some christmas stuff, then to Longs .. Where I saw Noli, his 3 boys, Chas & her momma. Mmm, Shopped for stuffs we needed then headed home.

This is the most tiring part! Lol. Wrapped two big boxes, while my brother .. ON THE OTHER HAND, was trying to compete against me! He told me he could wrap better than me, so we challenged. He wrapped Zayla's gift, while I wrapped my grandparents'. And guess what? This muthafucka knows how to wrap like a girl! Lol, Kidddddding! :D He can wrap though! And he's creative in the mind. But whatever, I still won :P Haha. Then, my mom handed me like 20 million things to put together for her co-workers. Ugh, so tiring.. but I did it anyway. Such a nice daughter huh? Lol. Didn't finish up 'till 10. But I still have more to do tomorrow.. Which by the way, my boyfriends coming over tomorrow! Lol, someone to keep me company while I wrap gifts n' stufff. Yipeeeee.

Okaiiii, My pillows calllin' me ;) Peace.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Feels just like christmas

Well, sort of :P Went shopping today with the 'rents. Headed to the bank first, which took forever, by the way! Lol, then to Alas we go! :) Shopped a whole lot for the little kids. Then ate lunch at Zippy's in Nimitz.. Resturant that shit, lmao! Talked stories about some crazy stuffs! Weirdos o_O But anyway! After that, we headed to my grandmothers house. Chilled there for awhile since my daddy wanted to go have his haircut by my very own, grandpa ;p ha! Headed home after .. Put all the gifts together. Once I was done, my mom, krissy, & I headed to pearls to finish up our christmas list. Which was what we accomplished! Yippee! :D Hehe. Went to pearlhighlands to buy things at price buster while my mom went to go shop around. And I should mention that, My mom takes forever & 10 days to shop, literally! Lol. But that's alright. I'll manage .. Since I always do, ahaha. Headed home afterwards. Just wrapped all the gifts and shi. I'm hella tired now! Oh! I got me new jeans since they we're on sale at PacSun (Buy one, get one free) Cheeee. ;P haha. And our christmas tree is finally blingin' with presents! FINALLY* Haha.

Hm, today was a long day. But tomorrow is another! I can't wait. Seems like winterbreak is just off to a good start, huh? But I shouldn't speak too soon, lol. Having a party for our RCIA class tomorrow for church. And exchanging gifts for SecretSanta. Yipeee. I have yet another day awaiting me .. I should get the rest I neeed. So, 'till tomorrow, night blog <3

Friday, December 19, 2008


Which means, 'Thank god it's friday & No more school after' LOL!

Hm, so like today was last day for school. For winter break, that is. Not until next year! :D YIPEE! No waking up early on a daily basis! Haha. Anyway, My mom, Chellie, & I went shopping yesterday at Pearls. Walked into the usual stores n' whatever. Bough gifts for the two people I needed n' then got Baby Elijah & Izaiah their gifts. Haha, it's like i'm shopping for my mom this year! Geez, she never bought any, only I! Lol, that's okay though .. As long as my money is going to something good you know? [; Oh speaking of money! I spent some on myself yesterday too .. I got me 2 shirts that i've been wanting for the longest :D I guess you can say, I didn't care how much it was, I just bought it. x_x I know, i'm bad .. I can't keep my money, still! BOOHOO! Now all I have to get gifts for is the boyfriend .. My mom could handle the rest of the relatives. LOL!

On the other hand, School was good today. 1st period, finished up Dark Knight & ate popcorn. 2nd period, chillled n' presented our so called 'rapping' about Hitler. A bitch, I suppose? Lol. Lunch, was short. Went out to give Janice her gift (since she was my secret santa) and took pictures. Then back to Canon's. 3rd period, stayed at ash's 3rd. Photo sessioned a lot! 4th period, Debate. I was first one up just so I can get it over with. And yeah .. I was pretty darn nervous but it went a-okay! ;D Afterschool, hung out with the boyfriend. Imagine not seeing yours for 2 weeks? Lmao! Gosh I missed him so much even if he pissed me the f* off, ugh. Went to my house afterwards to chill n' shi'. I was locked out, so we chilled in my backyard, so fun ^_^ Lol.

Well, no school until next year! :D AWYEE! Can't wait for winterbreak. Everything'll just fall into place, haha! Hm. I couldn't be any happier :) Hopefully the 'rents & I go out tomorrow. Still got lots of christmas shopping to do. And I hope I have plans with Ash & Ethoe this break! Shit, >;]

Anywho, I'm tireddddd ..


"You may not be her first, her last or her only. She's loved before and she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's no t perfect - you aren't either. And the two of you may never be perfect together. But if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice,
and admit to being human and making mistakes,
Hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day,
but she will give you a a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there."
- Bob Marley

I don't care.

I officially stopped caring. I mean, fuck .. I've DONE ENOUGH, seriously. I've done my fucking best & tried my fucking best. Always tried to make shit work with everyone else. I tried making plans, but everytime its me who makes plans, it NEVER goes through. I always talk to you guys, but it's either you guys don't hear me because someone is always fucking talking over me, or you guys just choose not to fucking listen. Not my fucking fault. Sorry, I don't have as much confident in myself like the way you guys do. I'm sorry I don't got what you guys do. I just don't fucking care. I'm so sick of trying, & yet when I do, it's like NOTHING. You guys tell me to go there, PSH- for what? Just say "HI" n' that's all I fucking get? Gosh. And your complaining because? .. Because it's never us & shit? Gah, get it over with.. It's highschool ..
LET THINGS BE. What's meant to be will always find it's way .. Ugh. I've done enough! And i've tried enough. I don't need you guys telling me to keep trying, because I did .. You guys just never fucking took the chance to notice.. NOT MY FAULT. I'm done.

On the other hand.. I don't know if it's just me, or i'm fucking bitchin' at everyone >;[ I think it's my period .. I've been so damn moody lately. Shit, can't blame me right? Ugh! This is supposedly 'the most wonderful time of the year' Hah, NO .. not really! Life sucks at this point because stupid economic recession, global warming, stupid fucking people with no common sense, rude people, people who are stuck up .. And whatever else fucks up the world. Gosh, clean up people!

Well, this is non-sense blogging .. Excuse my language by the way. I've been using profanity A LOT lately. Ugh ..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bitchy mode.

Helllllo blogger [: Havn't updated in a day.. well, it's not like anything special happens anyway. The only thing good that happend yesterday was the boyfriend & I's 1 year & 8 months. Hella long, huh? I'm glad after all, he's still with me & chose not to leave me no matter how much of a pain-in-the-ass I am. Because, I really am a handful. And a guy that can manage me is one that's worth sticking with ;] I wouldn't have it any other way. We've been through hell & back & i'm just glad it's him with me & me with him =) What can I say? I love 'em, duh! The downside about yesterday was not seeing him. -__- Boohoo, thanks to my 'too much homework', since I got back to school yesterday. Darrrn. Oh well, i'll make it up to him most definetley.

Today, however, was an o-kay day I guess? It could have been better but you girls can't just help it when you got your little friend down there changing your moods left and right! Lol. Gosh, i've been so damn bitchy now a days, everythings getting to me & it's got to stop. But anyway! 1st period wasn't much. Played a dumb game 'Mousse, Mousse'. I guess it was funny .. It's shame though >_< Second period wasn't much. Stayed at Canon's during lunch & just talked stories with the usual. Laughed n' laugh cause of vicky. Haha. 3rd was boring, I slept most of the time. And 4th was stupid. Just listened to peoples debate and whatnot. Ended up walking home in the rain! Which meant I couldn't see boyfriend again, cause I was soaked, ugh! Stupid stupid rain! Stayed in at my grandmas & watched movies on HBO with the family. Mom wouldn't fucking answer her damn phone which made me even more mad! Ugh, slept it off & daddy picked me up instead.

I don't know if we're going christmas shopping today since i'm mad at my mom. But whatever .. Gonna sleep! I need it. I need to stop sleeping in class, lol.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My trip to LV,

December 10: Our flight was at 2 but we got delayed due to unfinished paperwork being that the internet was down at the time. So instead of arriving at Las Vegas around 9:30PM, we arrived an hour later. The funny thing about the plane ride was my dad. He asked to borrow my IPod, so he could listen to the song he wanted, so I gave it to him. Instead of him listening, he ended up singing loud! Which was embarassing, lol! Oh & I finally got to see the city of lights during the night :D VEGAS IS BEAUTIFUL, Indeed! Anyway, so yeah.. the bus took so long to take us to the hotel which took another hour, ugh. Didn't get to the hotel 'till 11:30PM. Checked-in & whatever else. Slept once we got to the rooom, (my mom & I), while my daddy & grandparents went to play downstairs..

December 11: Ate breakfast at the Paradise Buffet. Aunty's daughter, Cherille(?), took us shopping w/ her cute chubby baby Zoey ^_^ hehe. Headed to Fashion show mall. Pretty much like Alaaaz but a bit smaller & indoors. Didn't find much. Mainly shopped for peoples orders. -_- Went to Las Vegas Premium Outlet .. Got me 2 shirts. & I should mention that their Starbucks there, SUCKS! My mocha frap didn't taste nothing like mocha, yuck! Haha. Anyway! After the premium outlet, my mom wanted to go to bath & body so Cherille(?) took us to Ceasers palace. I love it there! The ceilings are like clouds but they look so real ;P haha. Bought a shitload of sprays and lotions for people. That was basically all we bought, actually. Headed back to Fremont to eat dinner w/ the family. Then later went to Golden Nugget to check out my uncles rooom. It's hella' pretty but the view is hella' ugly. Hahaha. Slept when we got back. Then woke up again at 11 to go drink hot cocoa & eat donuts at Dunkin' Donuts.

December 12: The day everything went downhill for me .. I woke up around 3. I had a tummyache, it was super hot & I had like, a million bad dreams going through my mind everytime I closed my eyes x_x Woke up at 6, took shower .. but that didn't work. My body ached for the longest. I vomitted out my dunkin' donuts from the night before, ugh .. I was out of it! I didn't feel like getting up at all. I even vomitted out my medication and what not. I didn't eat breakfast lunch or dinner. I just drank Sprite, ginger ale (I was told it would help your tummy) & water. Took the loads of medication, ugh. I thought I would handle going out, so we did. Went to Boulevard Mall .. But right when we got there, I already got dizzy & had to vomit, so my mom just got what she needed and then we left. I slept the whole night since then .. ugh! It sucks when your sick on your trip- Can't do shit! >;(

December 13: I had a major fever and even lost my appetite. However! I did go shopping, and I managed to handle my body a bit better since I felt a bit better. [: Daddy came along w/ my mommy & I. Took the taxi, which is always good because their so friendly.. the only downside about it is, paying for ride. Lol. But anyway! Went back to Boulevard. Bought what I wanted, which wasn't much. It's so cheap there! =) I spent less than $40 bucks for 2 shirts, 1 jean, & shorts at Heritage & Agaci. Didn't really shop for people 'cause that mall wasn't all that great. It's more boring than Pearls, lol. Any who, after Boulevard, we headed to Miracle Mile Shops @ Planet Hollywood. It's beautiful there, :) Hehe. Bought orders for people. Headed to Ceasers palace, once again .. My mom bought a Coach bag for herself & my auntie since it's cheaper there. Then headed back to the hotel since my daddy was getting dizzy (but I think the machines we're missing him, lmao), so we caught the taxi back. And this asian was our driver & he's one hell of a wreck less driver! Got to the hotel in a nick of time, haha. Props to good Asian drivers ;P Haha, anyway! Slept when we got back. Then went downstairs to eat after we awoke. Ate saimin since I still couldn't eat rice, because my body just couldn't handle too much .. After we finished dinner, went back up to the rooms & did homework and whatnot. Fixed my luggage. Then slept! =)

December 14: Didn't do any shopping today 'cause our luggage's we're already packed with orders from people. PLUS, our luggage's couldn't be more than 50 pounds, as told by the escort for vacations-Hawaii. So boohoo to that! My mom & I walked around, outside the hotel. It wasn't much, being that it was SUPER ASS cold & I couldn't stand it -_- Lol. My lips we're all fried and my body was all dry, ew. But yeah, ended up just talking to boyfriend and doing crossword puzzles. Ate dinner at Lanai Express.. blah blah. Slept, pretty much it.

December 15: Woke up at 330-4am. Got ready to check out and whatever. Headed down to eat. Ate saimin. And then waited in the waiting room for the lady to tell us that we can board the buses. Took the terminal to the airport, checked in & then waited for our flight which was at 8. But we in order for us to leave, we had to leave before 8 because of the storm & snow that was gonna hit LV. If we left after, we wouldn't even be able to leave .. We would've ended up getting delayed again. But thank god we left early. The plane ride sucked ass, too bumpy. I'm even more bummed that I missed the snow, frick -_- nah but there's always next time :) Hopefully.

So that was my trip. Wasn't much exciting due to the fact that I was sick for 3 days, literally .. And I lost my appetite too. But I'm glad I went.. I doubt I'll ever go again during the winter! The weather sucks. Oh! & during the winter, the sun there, goes down at 430PM. Early huh? Haha. That calls for longer nights & shorter days. Boohooo. Anyway! yeah, I'm whacked out from my trip. It could have been better and I would have done more shopping but oh well, shit happens right? RIGHT.

Wow I just noticed how much I've typed! One hell of a blogger huh? I'll cut it here, peas♥

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vegas bound

TODAY (: Yay! I'm happpy I get to not go school, see snow, be fricking cold!, & yeah. But i'm only staying there for awhile, not for long -_- poooo* That's alright! At least I get to go this month. Hah! Wellllllllll, I don't got computer up there so i'll update when I come back, probably :)

'till thennnn, ciao! [;

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"Honestly, I feel like your not happy.
Like it's just whatever to you ..."
- Ashley.
That's when I realized .. -_-
I wont even go into details.
Anyway, went to school early again. Well, kind of later than usual, blame my hair. Lol. 1st period wasn't much. Did a worksheet then cognitive tutor the rest of the time. Laughed quite uh bit a lot, haha. 2nd period was boring .. I guess. Just talked to Ash, Kevando, & Alan. Bleh! x_x Went to manapua for lunch (first time in a long time) & Kevando treated me since I treated his skanky ass a million times, lmao. Went to Pasalo's to eat. Left to D building & cruise with 'the girls' I guess & kind of- Arlex. 3rd period was a bore. So like, we had to group up with another table that my group did not want to work with .. It was awkward. So anyway, I went up to grab colored papers while this other girl in my group but in a different table came up after me .. She litterally kept shoving her damn skinny ass arms in my got damn face & kept taking all the papers out of my hand that I grabbed for myself >;/ How annoying, right?! I wanted to bite her fricking head off & smack her but I knew it would've started a whole 'nother non-sense. And even before that, She snobbed my friend on my table just because she was doing the project on something that irritating girl wanted to do. Gosh, she's so immature! >;/ Ugh. Stupid people! Anyway, on with my life, haha! Just cutted out pictures for our project, which by the way .. I HAVE to bring with me on my trip so I can finish it. What a bummer huh? Period 4 was just non-sense. Went to the library with Kayla, Chelsea, Danni, & Shaun. Researched and whatnot. Got a hell lot of notes down =) Haha. & Talked stories with Danni .. She's pretty cool if you understand her [; Ha. Went to my grandma's afterschool and waited for my brother to pick me up.
Parentals don't get home 'till later, but that's all right. OH! And WE GOT A CHRISTMAS TREE LAST NIGHT! =D I was happy as a mutha ____! [; Hehe, My brother helped me put on the lights and it's so pretty ^_^ And my mother dear bought ornaments today, so yeh. Aw, but too bad it doesn't smell as much, because it's not big or small it's just medium-sized. Plus, my daddy cut some leaves off so boohoo to that! Whatever, it's still pimpin' [; Haha!
Hmph, I just finished packing. I just have to wait to put in all my small things then i'm all set for Vegas. Just needa' pick up some work tomorrow at school for 1st period. And I believe we arrive LV @ 9:30 PM, since we board at 11AM. Hm, 2 hour difference than here. Hm, can't wait. I hope everything goes s'wellllllllll. =)

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Angels on the moon - Thriving Ivory"

Okay, so .. Last night, that song came on when my parents & I we're in the car. And I got addicted to it, but my daddy already likes that song. Haha, I finally found something we have in common ;P jk.

Anyhow, School wasn't all that great but it was g-o-o-d, GOOD ;D Left to school early, once again. I love walking early in the morning, it's so cold! Haha. Mkay, well 1st period wasn't much. Did my work so I didn't have leftovers to bring on my trip, lol. 2nd period was just work work work! I swear, I think we're getting more & more work by the minute! -_- 1st quarter tricked me, because I thought it was gonna be a cruise class but ... I though otherwise. Stayed in Canon's for lunch. Talked stories with Ash, Vicky, Kevin, & Ethel. We literally laughed at everything Vicky said. Haha, she's hilarious that's why, duh [; Mhm, anyways! I finally showed up to 3rd after a long while .. And must I say, I think Ramos was dissapointed at me for not showing up last week. She probably knew I went to all classes except hers. >_< I didn't have much to catch up on besides a Newscast we we're doing. Our group could've done better. I mean I just jumped in & I didn't do all that great but at least I tried. It never hurts to try right? RIGHT. Hm, so for 4th, we headed to the library to do a bit of researching for our essay's whatnot. Me & Ash had a stupid conversation about Kevin. It was pretty hilarious, actually. Lol! I couldn't even talk without breaking a laugh! We we're probably the loudest ones in there. ;P And then she made me laugh even MORE when she laughed this ugly laugh, like seriously. Lmfao. Laughed the whole way back to class. & That was pretty much it. Went to my grandma's afterschool, the usual ..

Awkward as it seeems, my brother jay came to get me instead of my mom (she was still at work). It was awkward. Knowing that we barely talk & I could barely get along with him before, but ah .. whatever. Suck it up, I guess [: Things are better now, that's all that matttters. Ha.

My parents said we we're getting our christmas tree today but I doubt it. My mom is still heading home from work, & My dad is cleaning the yard .. So their probably gonna be tired & lazy, like always. -__- I really want one though, since it's our first christmas in this house. Hmph. But like they say you can't always have what you want. I hope we do 'cause I wanna get a christmas tree & doll it up cute [; Haha.

Bleh, my blogs are non-sense, basically. Yeah, anyways I still havn't finished my packing -_- I'm so fricking lazy to do so. And I barely get any sleep. But it's a good thing i'm going. That means no waking up 6:30 (or earlier) in the got damn morning! Ha. Gosh i'm wasting time... *ack!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today was overall all right, if you ask me. I woke up early because I thought I was going to Kalihi but my mom changed her mind about going work. So instead, she'll go tomorrow. She dropped me off to my brothers house while she brang my grandma & auntie out to buy food for tonight. So that was that. Babysat Zayla majority of the time I was there, of course. But Kimmie came over too play, too. And I admit, after she came, it was pretty hard to leave Zayla because she would whine everytime I told her Kimmie went home (for kid) Ha. But I ended up leaving because she got all cranky & I think she was getting tired. My mom came to get me. Got home & just read my book while the boyfriend was on the phone listening to me. Lol. o_O

Now, I'm currently at my grandma's house. The family is having a get to together, yet again- Due to the fact that my Uncle ordered the Pacquiao vs. Dela Hoya fight. Mhm. So therefore, we're eating dinner here too, yay! That means good food! =) Haha. Besides that, I'm feeling christmas-y, like my headline says. I can smell the christmas treees & I just LOVE the smell ^_^ Yay, I can't wait 'till we get one (HOPEFULLY!) ;P

Welll I think the fight is about to start sooon.
'Till then folks, ciao ♥

Friday, December 5, 2008


School wasn't much today. The whole damn week goes by fast, but Friday's are always s l o w .. Which sucks! Lol. Classes we're boring, didn't end up going to 3rd again -_- But i'll start going next week, since I leave on Wednesday. Heh. Walked home with the girls today, which I havn't done for quite awhile. Nothing new, though.

Anyhooots, Heading to Borders later, to get me some books to keep myself buisy with, then probably go shopping after with the 'rents. So that'll set my night [: Okay, I sha'll get ready now [:

Update (10:37PM): So anyway, my mother dear brought me to Borders, along with my auntie & cousin. So I ended up getting "Catcher in the rye" & "Promise not to tell", I know .. I know, boooks aren't just me! But hey, It doesnt hurt to try right? [: And honestly, I'm starting to like reading, lmao! I know! Hella' weird. But then again, I aint got nothing better else to do right? I'd rather have something to keep me buisy rather than myspacing every damn hour of my sad life. Pooor me, >;] I'm so pathetic. Anywhos, I'm liking 'Catcher In the Rye', so far. Although, I find it annoying most times only because it mentions "and all" way too much -__- But I'll deal! So for the rest of my night, i'm just planning to watch t.v. & talk to the boyfriend (before he gets all grumpy & salty), ha.

Hm, my plans for tomorrow are set. The parentals are working tomorrow. So my mom decided to bring me to Kalihi then after she's done with work we're gonna go Waikele, & then head to my grandma's house for the Pacquiao fight, yet again. ;P Yeah, i'm so family oriented! Hah, But I love it =D

'Till tomorrow, Nightttty night ♥

Thursday, December 4, 2008

No school for me.

The reason why I hate sleeping at my house on school nights is because it's hard for me to wake up xtraa early the next morning. I was super tired to wake up this morning that my mother ended up leaving me. And that was that. I was willing to walk to school but I woke up at 7 which made it even harder for me 'cause I didn't want to walk 20 damn minutes in the sun then when I get to school, i'm all icccky x_x Yuck. So I stayed home, instead. Now i'm doin' nothing but something meaningless. Geez, I should learn how to use my time & days wisely! I keep procrastinating on things i'm wanting to do, but I dont .. Bummmer! Besides this ol' thang, Im'a go downstairs, & find the energy i'm needin' [;

laterrr ♥

Update: So the rest of my day was pretty much boring. I fell asleep for about 3 hours or so. And then phone'd the boyfriend, and whatnot. That was pretty much it, 'till Zayla came. She was asleep though. She's got the tummy flu, poor thing ;( Along with my brother & daddy. Oh geez, hopefully it doesn't carry on. Ha! Ergh, school tomorrow x_x I have a feeling I missed hella' lots because mrs. stink pec! >;[ Which reminds me, I think I've got homework to keep myself buisy with. But i'm doing otherwise, lame! Mommy says I need to start going to schoool because i'm taking off next week Wednesday 'till the Monday after. I guess she has a point right? RIGHT.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


How you gon' keep kissing ass everytime I wanna leave?
I'm fucking tired of the same old fucking shit. Every damn night dealing with the same thing! Don't you know that it gets OLD?! It's not that I give up, It's just that i'm literally sick & tired of you throwing shit at me like i'm the one that's doing everything wrong. Fuck, Seriously. I've put in effort into it, & tried a million billion kazillion times, & yet you just never seem to get it. How many times do I actually need to tell you 'till you get your mind straight?! -__- I feel that I shouldn't even give in no more 'cause I don't feel the need to. It's been almost 2 years already, 2 long years, -_- I'm SICK of it. .

Monday, December 1, 2008

1st of the month

Yay! It's finally December! Dang, the year went by fast huh?! Lol. It's like everyday nothing changes but when we look back, everything's changed o_O

Anywho, today was whatever. If you know me, You should know that I despise Mondays for some odd reason & I think I mention it on my blogs a lot, HA. Hm, 1st & 2nd was alrighty. At lunch, I hung out with the girls for the first in awhile! -_- But only for a short while .. & then I cruised with Arlex & Noli. Talked stories most of the time .. gah. x_x Reason being, why I don't like going out to lunch. Mainly because I look foward to hanging out with the girls, but I dont know .. It feels so BLAH/awkward I guess? Idk okay whatever! So 3rd period was fun. Had a sub. Didn't do work most of the time. Instead, the whole table listened to Ashley talk! Hahaha, I swear she's so funny. She talks 75 minutes straight [; Talk about interesting life, right? LOL. 4th was a _itch as always! Went to my grandma's & played with Izaiah then fell asleep 'till my mommy came to get me. She got me starbucks ^_^ Lol <3

Oh &!! I leave to Las Vegas in a week from now, to be exact! I'm excited, yet again. Because it's winter & it's snowing & I get to go shopping (xmas shopping, too) :D Hehe, speaking of Christmas! Just 'round the corner, damn.. Hella' fast. Feels like Christmas was just yesterday ;P Holidays are always the best right? [;

Here's a few things I had in mind for what I wanted. It aint much to ask for, actually. (:

Isiro Slippers - $30.00 (Aldo)

Lapis Skinny Jeans - 29.99 (CharlotteRusse)

Leopard Heart Bracelet - $7.00 (WetSeal)

Lace Cardigan - $19.50 (WetSeal)

Painted Heart Sweater - $19.80 (FOREVER21)

Love Burnout Tee - $13.80 (FOREVER21)