Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunnnny day

So I woke up kind of later than usual to get ready for communion class. But left just in time [: Got there, & I was alone once again .. But Cassie came just in time along w/ Mark & Dulce so yeah. Class wasn't much. Didn't discuss much but First day of Advent & the pictures that we had to color for the Jesse Tree. So that was that. Pretty much just colored & talked about teachers at Campbell.. Lol, which was quite funny because we talked mostly about sub teachers! Haha. Had laughs here & there until class was over.

After class, parentals picked me up & headed straight to Jedidiah's 1st birthday at Arizona Memorial Park. Cruised for awhile then ate lunch. After we ate, played with Zayla baby [; Hehe. So cute her! ^_^ Mommy decided that we go to pearls so that's where we headed with my aunties & cousins. Shopped for about an hour or so. Bought be lots of stuff ^_^ Yay! NEW CLOTHES ;D Lol, my cousin & I just went all out shopping. WOOHOO! Haha. Decided to head back to the party & pick up the guys, & So we did. Then left to go home. I have a major headache right now, & i'm so exhausted. This being, the reason why I didn't attend Mass + Lifeteen today -__- But I'll go next week, for sure! Ha. Plus boyfriends being an ass once again. Meaning I don't get to talk to him again ;( Lol. Uggggh, I hate argueing with him! We never talk! HAWH! Talk about stressss. BLEH! x_x Mkay im'a go sleeep it off.
Quote of the day:
"It's always the person you want the most, that you're better off without."

Have a nice day everyone [;

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend:

This is by-far the best thanksgiving weekend ever! ;P

Wednesday: Decided that I wanted to go to school because I had that CPR class for health! What a bummer >;( We we're stuck in the Humanities room for the whole damn school day ('cept lunch) And I can honestly say, that class was HELLA' boring, due to the fact that we had to learn off a book until the end. The ending was alrighty. Did CPR on the manican and what not. SO TIRING -__- Took the exam after, so I passsed! Now i'm CPR certified, aw shi [; Lol, jk. But yeh, I am. Yipppee! Afterschool, Caught bus to Kalihi. SO SAD -_- But anyways, that night .. my older cousin (Klayre), her boyfriend (Dennis), Leslie, Akeedo & I went to eat dinner at Tony Roma's ^_^ Gosh, I most especially loved the desert :D Talk 'bout YUMMY IN MA' TUMMY. Lol. Yadi yadi ya .. talked to boyfriend & what not. Then my cousins dropped him off home.

Thursday: THANKSGIVING ;D gobblegobble* ehe. The cousins brang me over to the dad's side of the family- party. So we left to Ala Moana Beach. Didn't feel like swimming 'cause the sun was shinin' & I didn't want to get darker than I already was .. So I skipped that. Sat & talked stories w/ the cousins. Watched the family play volleyball, that was hella' funny. Leimomi was so hyper on mountain dew- all she could say was MUCHACHA, MUCHACHA!! Hahahaha. So funny. Stayed there from 10-5. Then back to my aunty's house in Kalihi. Junior drove halfway home, so fun. Leslie was praying, bwahaha. ASK HER WHY. ;P Ate dinner there with the mom side of the family. So my family too =) LOL. Mhm. It was fun. Good fun talking to the family, as always.. ;] Didn't get to sleep 'till 11ish. So that meant less sleep for blaccck friday! *ACCCK! x_x

Friday: Woke up EXTRA, early! Like, 3am. Haha, yes we're that CRAZY even if Ala Moana is just right there .. Haha. Got ready & left about 4. Picked up Janalyn, then boyfriend. Went to Alas. Barely any store was open because of course, it was Early! Haha. Waited at PacSun 'cause boyfriend & I though it was gonna open at 5 but instead they opened at 6! -__- So did Forever21. Got lazy to go forevers so I didn't. Shit, next time. I did however, get me new sandals since my mom keeps complaning! >;[ lol. & bought me two shirts & A HELLO KITTY outfit for Zayla ^_^ Yay. Saw lots of people that I knew xP Ehe. But yeah, ended up leaving Alas at 9! I was so tired, my heels we're hurtin' baddd ;( Ehe. Went to Jack-In-The-Box to get breakfast 'cause I was hecka' hungry! All I had was Starbucks! Lol. Got home, ate. And that's when my cousins decided to go Waikele. Ergh, so we left to go. And the line of cars was all the way from the freeway, BUT we went by pretty fast & we found parking easily! Haha. Waited forever & a day for my aunty to come out of Coach! LOL. Ethel found me in the crowd, chillled with her for a bit. Ha. Went home around 1ish. Slept it off after for like 2 hours. Then back out AGAIN. Back to Alas with my aunty this time. We had to drop of my cousin to work & watched her when the trained passed us by. Left to go home around 745, ate dinner, talked stories ;p *secccccret! lol. Picked up my cousin. And now i'm blogggging. I misssss blogger n' myspace! Haha, this comes to show that I depend my life so much on the internet! YIPEEE? NOT. lol. 1 more day 'till I go home ;D yay!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boring Tuesday

For my mom to come get me. And I could bet- she's stuck in traffic, poor thing. Traffic gets pretty bad, sucks for those who drive ;P Lol.

Schoool was nothin' much. Didn't go to 3rd period, ended up staying at Canon's. & Went home during 4th 'cause I don't even learn jack in that class! Pisses me off, it just wastes my time >;[ Ugh so I wanted to go to sleep but instead, the boyfriend called. Ended up argueing over something so stupid, which pissed me off even m o r e!! >; Ugh! then as always, he kisses ass. Haha, jk. (: I love him though :D Yehh .. talk about the a rollercoaster kind of relationship. Whose isn't right? Heh. I feel like onlin-shopping but i'm so tired! I tried to go to sleep earlier but my eyes kept bothering me. It's like everytime I close it, it hurts .. it feels like it's forcing the eyeball to go up or something. I DONT KNOW! Lol, I know so random.

UPDATE: So ZAYLA baby came over for dinner today. Which made my day of course! I havn't seen that sunshine in awhile [; Hehe. Well, okay .. So we ate dinner & what not, just talked stories & watched tv. Went upstairs to get my things ready, along with Zayla. Like always, she messed up my room, but I dont mind because what does she know right? I mean she knows hell of a lot (trust me). Haha, so I watched her bring out all my nail stuffs & my flat balloons while at the same time, figuring out what to wear. Lol. I got kinda moody afterwards 'cause I don't know where all my jeans went! >;( Ugh. And then when I went downstairs to let my mom know I was ready, my moms asks me a questions that leads to both of my parents fighting. -__- d a m n .. So I just left, And now i'm at my grandma's. Not having a good night. That's all, I feel like everythings crashin down on me all in one weeek. BOOHOO ;|

Ciao <3

Monday, November 24, 2008

"THE SHOW" - Lenka

Haha, I'm currently listening to that song (: HM, Today wasn't much .. Went to all my classes. Nothing different really. Same thang, different day. HA. OH! But I did hang out with the girls today, well not really because I have no clue where Margie was! And then, The rest we're with their boyfriends. All occupied! So I stayed with Michelle & Noli. Fun fun fun! Haha. Aside from school, My mother, father, chelle, & I went to Pearls today so that my 'rents could pay their bills at Sears. Shopped for awhile but only got me a wallet, it's cute ^_^ ehe. Went to Longs afterwards. Got starbucks while we we're at it. And I think that's what made me so HYPER! Lol, I went all out hyper! ;D So funny.

Oh but here's something interesting I found:
Women are like apples on trees, the best ones are on the top of the tree.
The men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and don't want to get hurt.
Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't so good but easy.
So, the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality they are amazing.
They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top becuase they value quality.
TRUE HUH? =) Haha, Alrighty Night everyone!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A start of something new ..

So Sundays are always my fun days. Due to the fact that it's CHURCH DAY! =) Lol, So I went to class today 'cause I missed last week (due to cramping >;[ ) anyway, so church was basically about helping people in a way that we're helping god also. So as always class was and hour & 30 minutes. Discussed many things & had a bunch of laughs =) And on top of that, Aunty Precy brang spaghetti! HAHA. =) It was good while it lasted.. Mommy came to pick me up afterwards. Dropped off Dulce. Headed home the killed time until my mom & I went out. Had to be home before 4.

So Donna came to pick me up. I was scared to go to Lifeteen, but then again, I had to face my fear and experience what I havn't, yet. So we went to 5:00 mass first. It last for, forever! But it was worth it. After mass, It was lifeteen. Chilled for awhile w/ Noli (whom i've missed!) and the girls .. I pretty much didn't know almost everyone -_- So we got into groups & had to come up with a skit. It wasn't as funny as the rest but atleast we did it :] I'm proud of myself *tap on the back* Ha, After that .. Listen to others skit & people roast Father Scott. It was funnny although, I could barely laugh because my head was so sore ;( But I dealt with it. We watched a slideshow for Father Scott then did a prayer. Lifeteen was then finished. Peace'd w/ everyone & hugggs of course! Chilled outside w/ the girls & everyone .. And that was it. Donna dropped me offf.

* I can honestly say that, GOD IS GOOD, forevvva! Not only did I learn things but I also got the chance to meet new people, new faces, w/ different personalities. As well as getting closer to GOD. From then on, I'm willing to bettter myself- not only for people, but for God. (: This may sound pathetic to you, but you'll catch my drift when you experience something like this. Even if I was hella' nervous about lifeteen, I'm just glad I went.

Overall my day was good. Sunday's are always good. God is gooood.
Yipeee do daaaaa. Lol, anyways gonna go catch some ZzZZzzzzZZzZzz's! My heads bangin' & I NEEED to go to school tomorrow. Besides, we only got 3 days of school this week =)

YAY! Night night folks, Sleepy tight ;]
don't let the bed b u g s biiiiite! <3

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Been buggin' me since then ..

"It's not about who's being true in front of you, It's about who's staying true behind your back."

Self-explanatory ..

R a i nnnn n*

A good wheather for stayin' in =) Indeed? Haha, today woulda' been a good day to go out if it wasn't raining, but that's okay. Mommy says I need to cut down on the money spending because holidays are around the cornnnner ;D That's what I'm most excited for ^_^ Anyhoots, my mothers been bugging me alll morning long so I decided to clean instead of listening to her lecutring me about doing this & doing that n' whatever. Smart huh? ;p She left me alone after I ignored her a couple of times, lol.

Speaking of holidays! ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS:
- For my daddy to paint the other half of my room, HOT PINK ;D
- Wireless internet ( So I wouldn't have such a hard time at home! )
- ca$$$$$$$h monnnay
- gift cards! (forever21, charlotte russe, wetseal, pacsun, etc.)
- helllo kitty, kuromi, harajuku, & tokidoki .. whichever! x)
- for the 'mainsix' to have some kind of outing ( I miss it oh so much! )
- & A new phone! (t-mobile G1 w/ google or the new sidekick, to be exact)

Haha, that's not so much to ask for right? Aha, I guess .. Atleast it wasn't as much as what I asked for last year. I was totally out of it ! Haha, That's allll. Bbl for updation <3

Friday, November 21, 2008

Waiver day.

So I got up hella' early this morning (5AM) so my mom can drop me off to Kalihi. Only because I didn't wanna be alone at home, being bored & doing nothing. So I got us (My cousins & I) Spanish Rolls from the Bakery & ate that for breakfast. Then around 9'ish, We left to drop off JR's food for his class. Then later left to Alas. Shopped around & bought me 2 tops from Forever 21. Didn't find much because the workers weren't that nice. >;[ I hate that; When I go to a store and the workers are so mean/stuck up. UGH. Puts me in a bad mood. But ANYWAY, on with my day .. So after alas we headed back to their house before 12 and ate lunch. Watched A Haunting for an hour but I fell asleep -__-Ended up falling asleep 'till 2'ish. Waited for my mom to get me after she got done from work. So that was that.

Decided to head to Waikele after. Bought me a scarf & a bunch of sweaters so that way when I go to Vegas in December, I wouldn't be too cold! And I'm so ooberly excited ^_^ Lol, okay anyway. So we headed home. And at the time, my mom said it was okay to go to my grandma's house tonight for BBQ. But like an idiot I was to believe her, We ended up not going because she so called didn't want to 'INVITE' herself when I specifically told her that Grandma tried calling you on private & you don't answer. She got all hard-headed & stubborn like how she always was! So of course, I got super irritated & by then I was already moody, UGH. So we went home & I didn't feel like going already because I lost patience for her. And stupid thing was- My dad was already ready & waiting outside because my mom had told him earlier that we we're going & to get ready. Poor thing, my dad was already hungry -_- But anyway, Stayed in my room the whole time. And my stupid mom changed her damn mind. IRRITATING, I tell ya. Ugh. Whatevaaa.

So now i'm here. Bettter than I was a couple hours ago. But anyway, today wasn't what I expected .. Once again. The girls we're supposed to have a girls day outing thing.. But then AGAIN .. The plan didn't go as planned. AS ALWAYS. This is the reason why I don't like making plans unless it's for sure. BLAH! x| Shit, I wish I had a car , but I can only dream. HAHAHA. HOW PATHETIC right?

HAHA, ANYWAYS blogger is gettting so interesting lately. I love it =) There's so many blogs to read. Meaning, NEW blogs. HAHA. Mkay well catch ya' later! Baby Izaiah being too cute because I "PLAYED AROUND" yelled at him :P I love babies! =D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My day went just fine :]
1st period was the same ol'. Listen to presentations & whatnot. Afterthat, was chill.
2nd period, Just did work & finished our imperialism poster.
Lunch, Went to 7-11 w/ Ashley. Almost got caught, but NOT. Ha.
3rd period, first time for the weeek. It was a breeeze. School wide writing day, LAME
4th period, finished up my final draft for writing thingy. & Just talked stories with Ash & Ethoe.
Afterschool; Caught bus to Fairways w/ Ash & Ethoe. Went to Ethoe's house first then to the park. It was fun & breezy! I laaaav it. Lol. PLUS, the view was nice. Lol, toook a hell lot of pictures & just cruised. Mommy picked me up afterwards.

Today was chilll, I laaav'd it. Lol, on the plus side, it was STILL breeezay! Haha. Anyway, currently watching news because it's what I ALWAYS do. Lol. Welll i'm done, myspace needs it's turn =)

Monday, November 17, 2008


Yet another monday. Didn't really feel like gettin' up & gettin' ready only because my monthly was kickin' in some cramps, yet again! But I HAD TO go -__- I couldn't miss another day of school, because I end up missing a lot! And I totally hate missing assignments. But on the otherhand, 1st period was just fine =) It was Sunnshinin', then Gray clouds, then sun again .. & so forth. It was like that the whole day. o_O Weird weather, I tell ya'! Back to where I was, We had a sub for 1st. but I didn't end up doing my work. I mean like, what's the point of doing ALGEBRA work when the class is GEOMETRY. Lame, foreal. Plus, I forget everything from Algebra.. Sad, huh? Ha, NOT. 2nd period was alright. It wasn't what I expected & to add to that, I had runny nose + that class was AC. Ergh. Lunch was alright. Finally got to go out to eat. Ash & I walked to buy food then back. Stayed at Canon's for lunch & 3rd period 'cause I didn't feel like going 3rd today -__- So at Canon's, Ash, Ethel, & I just chilled with Vicky & Chelsea. Then went to BLR & just took pics & whatnot. 4th was the same ol' shit. Nothing new for that class, whatever. Went straight to my grandma's afterschool & waited 'till my mom picked me up.

& That was majority of my day. As of right now, I have nothing to do. & I've been updating this site like crazy! Due to the fact that Myspace is really boring & nothing seems to interest me. So yeah. Mondays are ALWAYS boring; It's even more worst when you have your monthly!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not suprised

And here I am again, the same position I was 2 years ago.
Why am I not suprised, right?

"It's not about who's being true in front of you, but who's STAYING true behind your back."


19 months with my the boyfriend & It couldn't get any better. We've been through hell & back, n' I can honestly say he's the one who knows how to handle me at my worst. I wouldn't change em' for the world! Happy 1 year & 7 months boyfriend!

Aside from that, I didn't go church today ;( I slept with a headache + a cold. & Woke up with my monthly, along with cramps! -_- Booohoo! How lame is that. Plus I knew if I sat at that chair, I would've been already complaining because of my meanass cramps! Ugh. So instead, My mother took me to wal-mart because I wanted to get something there. Then we went shopping for goodies. So that was that. I missed church today ;( Hmph. There's always next week, but every week means something. Blah! To top it off, I don't get to spend time with boyfriend today because I'm sick & stuck with cramps. So he went church instead.

On the upside, I'm planning to cut my hair tonight while my mom gets her tattoo retouched. Hm, not sure of that yet. Oh and! I got to see baby Elijah last night =) Boy, was that baby so tiny & cute ;D That adds on to 3 japaneses' in the family ( Zayla, Izaiah, & Elijah ). Lol, just thought i'd share [; Alrighty, Update later.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Headache + Rain/Vog

Goood time to sleep in. Woke up alone. Meaning, no one was home >;[ Everyone went to work while I watched TV & tweaked on myspace. Updated in my page since I havn't done that in awhile. I also upgraded my profile to the 2.0 version. I guess it's okay? Atleast I can do more with my page & stuff. But still, Myspace BORES me. Haha. Anyway, back to where I was.. My mom came to get me after she finished work. She & I left to go pick up her pants, then to Wal-mart in Highlands. Ended up going to the shopping center, afterwards. Stayed there for, FOREVER. -___- Had a major headache, & I still do. So therefore, I'm not going to the 1st birthday party tonight, + I'm just not feeelin' the weather! It's so cloudy & rainy but yet, So HUMID. I think that's probably why I have a headache. But okay, I'l just stick with going to my grandma's house tonight, so I can spend the night there.

Update this thannng later, gonna go take a nap. My head needs it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cloudy, but sunny.

Thank god it's friday =)

Ugh welll, School was the same ol' shit. 1st period was really cloudy & dark -_- Presented our math project. I don't think we did so well ;| Well, I'll just hope that we did okay. 2nd period was alrighhht. Securities blocked the gate during lunch, ugh! Irritating. So instead, we just stayed at Pasalo's with the 'BOYS' haha. Read peoples blogggg site. Pretty damn interesting ;] 3rd period was whatevvvva. & 4th, I hate it as always! Total bullshi'.

I hope my parents plan something for tonight. I'm really not looking foward to staying home on a damn friday night. Lol. As of right now, I'm still babysittin' Izaiah since his parents went to the hospital because ELIJAH came out today ;D YAY! Another japanese in the family, hehe. Izaiah's been a handful but that's alright. Babies are babies. Duh. Izaiah kept my grandma up 'till 2 in the morning, I feeel so bad. ;( So i'm watching him .. Lol. Well, later bloggger <3

Thursday, November 13, 2008

same shit different day.

Lol. That's my headline for today! I have nothing else to put ;P HAHA.

Anyway, got up this morning thinking to myself why I'm still home when it's already 6:30! I thought my mom woke up late again, but actually.. She decided to go to late work, I have no clue why? So I got ready at home. Then as soon as she starts her car again It shutt'd off! -_- At the time, we we're wondering 'WTF?!' It's weird because we put a new battery, it worked just fine after & then it breaks down AGAIN? Hm. o_O Strange huh? Anywho, She told me to take a day off from school but I wanted to go. I hate having missing work, it's bullshit. Charity took me to school, instead since that was my only ride. Got to see Zayla before school yay! ^_^ Hehe. Gave her my M&M's since I knew those we're her favorites =)

Anyway, got to school a BIT late. Nothing really new so I won't even go into details, Haha. Got to see boyfriend afterschool. Spent the time with him before he had to leave & I had too, also. Decided to go to my grandma's. Helped Chellie cut her pants to shorts! Haha, they turned our pretty nice :P Haha, Daddy picked me up afterwards. That was that. - I'm hella' tired. I still have laundry to do, BOO! OH! & I found out that my auntie's finally givin' birth YAY! 'Nother japanese in the family =D

motherrrr is hollerin', LATER :]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, my day went by smooothly & quickly as posssible. (Well it felt quick to me.) So as usual, 4 periods a day, nothing new, nothing different.

1st period our group (well, just me n' erin since the rest we're too buisy talking!) did our project, & finished up what we needed. did a litttle practice before our actuall presentation. After gettin' that done, watched the boys with their stupid little magic tricks. Chong, HAHAHA was another story! Anywho, laughed a lot. Then reminisced on old days while looking at pictures from my old memory card for my camera. Wow. 2nd period I thought we we're all gonna get busted because of the sub on Monday, but then again, I though otherwise. Instead of that, He just gave us the test to correct. I'm not so happy about my score, so therefore i'm planning on re-taking it =) Lunch booohoo! I was hungry, & so was Ash. But, the securities blocked the gate, yet again! Ugh. So annoying! I mean atleast we're going back on campus. Geeez. Instead of spending our lunch walking to & back from manapua, we went to D building for the 1st time in a long ass time. It was pretty BORING. Nothing new, BLEH -_- 3rd period watched a movie AGAIN. I guess it was okay. Learned things about sex & std's & whatever else that has to do with a vagina & penis, LOL. Spent the class time working on my notebook since we had notebook check. The last one, thank god :) 4th period had sub. She was hilarious! Did my work even if it was so irritating. Owell, it'll pay off in the end, I bet ;P

So, after my mom finished work she picked Chelle & I up. Decided to go WAIKELE, for like the, BILLIONTH time this weeek, lmao. Went to Charlotte Russe. & Yada yada. After, we decided to go to the other side, But as soon as my mom put her key in the ignition & turned it .. THE BATTERY DIED. & I don't know why? So weird. It might have been KARMA, or just, just because. Dang, Reminds me of the time US THREE went to Pearlhighlands >_< Anyways, Yeah. That was that. We we're left with a DEAD BATTERY. So, like a nice man my daddy was, He came to fix it & do that jumpstart thingy. But it wouldn't work. Tried so many times 'till the point to where he got mad. x_x SCARY SHIT. I hate it when he's mad. Anyways, yeah.. Went to wal-mart to get a new battery. & Then back to Waikele.. & He put the new batt in & it worked. FINALLY. Went to longs to pick up my mothers medication, while Chelle & I continued our BUSINESS, lmao! Mother went to go Foodland to get my daddy's & brothers lunch for work tomorrow. I mean, It's only fair that my daddy had to drive to waikele then to wal-mart & back just for my mom, So my mom was being nice.. since she hasn't been in awhile. Just kidding. Haha!

So that was my day. Now I'm home, finally! I'm so tired. Didn't go to my grandma's again because I wasn't ready with my clothes & other things so I decided to stay home today. Pretty much done with MySpace for the night as well as blogger. I should call my boyfraaan now, I think he's awaiting my call.

Alrighty, NIGHTY NIGHT :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What to do .. What to do ..

Update: Okay, so maybe my parents weren't as lazy as other days or as I thought they'd be. Lol, Ended up going Alas. Mommy took me shopping, And I'm hella' happy because she got me the BetseyJohnson cheeta print bag that I wanted for the longest! :) But it's a good thing that it was on sale, or I would've been spending over a $100 just for a bag. Not worth it if it was, haha. She also bought me two tops from forever21. Heh. I feel really bad she didn't get anything, just my dad & I. But nothing turned her on anyway. After alas, We went to BK afterwards to munch on somethin', then to waipahu market. Homebound by 3, & rested.

Today was good :) & To top it all off, ZAYLA came today! ;D ANOTHER PLUS. Spent time with herrr & played with her n' her toys, as always ^_^ Hehe, this day couldn't get any better. Mhm, school tomorrow again. I doubt i'm sleeping over my grandma's- My ma' told me to stay home tonight. So that's that. Speaking of school, I got homework to still work on .. So I should go & do that now, I'm procrastinating AGAIN.. Later!

On this boring day. I find it totally lame if I have to spend this day just staying home doing nothing! Or maybe even spend this day at WAIKELE again! Waikele is just gettin' boring & boring-er each time I go there. Nothing NEW but STUCK UP WORKERS. Geez, I totally dislike stuck up workers who are so MEAN/SNOBBY & RUDE. Like seriously, If your gonna be a worker- atleast treat ya' damn customers right. I aint buyin' shit just for my money to come out of their damn paychecks. HAHA, jk ;P

ANYWAY! I wanna go alas today. Pearls seems so boring now a days, always the same shi' everytime I go there. But I doubt my lazy parents would want to drive all the way to town & back. Times like these, where I wish I was old enough to drive! I probably can take myself anywhere I wanted too even if it meant going around the island, HAHA. Oh geez, I'm dreaming. ONLY IF. Then again, I'm stillll young. BOOOHOO.

I'lll update later, bye blog!

Mooood swings.

I always hate Mondays. Only because it's the first day of week for school & I sometimes have nothing to wear. Whatta' bummmer! But on the brightside, I get to see my wonderfully friends, LOL. So today wasn't really much exciting. 1st period was alright. Got started on the group project since that was all I could do. Found out we had a sub for 2nd period & as always, MR. LEGASPI. I swear I think it's giving me hints! Haha. Anywho, didn't go to class for the first 10 minutes 'cause I thought he'd be a total itch on everyone, but I though otherwise. Just spent the whole 75 minutes talking stories with Ash & Alan like always. Nothing new, lol. Lunch Ash was super ass hungry so we went to the manapua, yet again. Hah, but today we didn't have to walk, YAY? Lol, Agni took us instead. Ate at Pec's classss. 3rd period was okay, I guess? Watched a video on the male/female reproductive system n' that was basically it. 4th period was just group work most of the time. BORING as always. Talked to Ash & Ethoe majority of the time.

Went to my grandma's afterschool & I fell asleeep 'till my ma' came to pick me up. She called & beep her horn so many times that she got so impatient & I got mad at her 'cause she couldn't wait. Gah, talk about IMPATIENT. >; I hate waking up all grouchy, dangit. Anywho, went home, ate dinner. Thought we weren't going anywhere but my dad wanted to head out. So we decided to go to Waikele (which is always boring because I go there like, EVERY WEEK). Nothing new, nothin' seemed to turn me on. Stood around while my parents shoppped. I started gettin' impatient. I was like, okay then mad then okay then irritated. I don't know. It's so annoying having to stand around for about 30 minutes in a Sunglass store, & never ended buying. Total bullshit. So after that, we left because my mom knew I was gettin' annoyed. Ended up buying malasadas. Brang it over to my grandma's & ate it there with everyone. Talked a shitload of stories about school, friends, Vegas, Disney World, & P.I. & they made it clear that we're goin' on a trip to Vegas in Feburary! YIPEE. Something to look foward too :) Headed homebound around 9:50.

And here I am, bloggggging because I'm so borred. I think my mom is planning to go to pearls & go retouch her tatt so I guess that's my plan for tomorrow. Heh.
Man o man, my boyfriend is being such a dick, geez! I swear he needs some sleep! He's been a handful, but so I am. >_< *eeeek. I love um' anyway! =) Haha.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day missed.

Didn't blog yesterday because I was too buisy. But let's recap sha'll we? WE SHA'LL. [:

Saturday: Woke up hella' early, I dont know why? But kept myself occupied to the T.V. most of the time. Waited for my mom to finish work. She got off around 12 & she came to pick me up. Picked up food & then headed home.. Ate, then she & I fell asleep for a good 3 hours. As soon as I woke up, I had to get ready already to go to 2 family parties, So I did. Left to the first one, which was a Welcome Home party. It was really boring -_- so my mom, krissy, kim & I left to the 2nd party.. which was only next door to my grandma's house. HAHA. Pretty much just ate & hung out with my cousins. Reunited w/ Margie (My cousin) Ha. I was so bored that I literally threatened people on Margie's yahoo messenger thing, LOL. It was hilarious! ;P But I felt so mean, it just wasn't me so I stopped, haha. Went home afterwards. I was watching the food channel & the competition & I was hoping to stay up but my eyes ended closing, Lol.

Sunday: Woke up early again because chuch ^_^ Got myself ready, ate breakfast then left. It was great again. Auntie Pressie is ALWAYS funny, I swear. Haha, we sort of went off-topic when we we're discussing about how our body is a temple of god, Lol. Had a good laugh, though =) Class finished at 11:30. Went home, & Slept for 4-5 hours. Woke up & ate dinner then left to grandma's house (where I am right now).

Anyway, Schoool tomorrow. I find it really stupid how we have school tomorrow & then no school on Tuesday. -__- I kind of don't want to go but I have to push myself to do better, that way I make my parents happy as well as myself, also :) Heh, I still need to do homework so therefore i'll end this blogggg right here. Catch ya later, alligator!

Friday, November 7, 2008


My blogs are like, really not worth-reading. Lol, only beacause I blog about my day & whatevers on my mind, basically.

Anyways, Last day of school for the week. Yipee? Haha, School wasn't all that great. Mom was off, so she dropped me off to school. 1st period wasn't anything really exciting I guess. Just got started on the project w/ my group but atleast I got it done & i'm proud of myself, once again :) 2nd period was boring sort of. Did my ch. 18 test & I don't think I did too good -_- But Canon never checks work, HAHA. Lunch, however, was truency sweep. Securities didn't let anyone out the front gate so that was a BUMMER for Ash & I. We we're so hungry too! >;[ OH WELL. 3rd period was okay. Learned to take our temperature with different types of measurements I think? & 4th was just the boring-EST ever! Did nothing but sleep & phone Acido because I was that bored.. I didn't even wanna watch the movie, so yeah. Then my mother came to get Dulce & I & headed to my house.

I'm pretty sure we're going out tonight since it's friday. & My daddy said so too. ;D
I hope I get my camera exchanged today, 'cause I'm waitin' on that Canon camera, HEH.

Alrighty, update later.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Overall, TODAY WAS GOOD. I'm strictly focusing on school because I wasn't quite satisfied with my grades from term 1 (even if I got 3.0). Heh, The only thing I hate the most is PERIOD 4 -_- I don't know if it's just because it's the last period of the day & i'm really tired, or because I just don't like her class at all. But I think it's both! HA. She just doesn't teach well, & I don't think she ever has anything good PLANNED for us. Lame, I tell ya'.

Anyway, aside from school.. I finally got the chance to tell my mom what i've been needin' to tell her. Even if I had to bite my tounge so I wouldn't cry! Hah, but I guess it's for the better. I was told not to keep anything in me like that without telling her because she wouldn't know how I feel. X_X

But on the plus side, I went to pearls today w/ Dulce, Janice, & Akeedo. I wanted to get something but I didn't get to find what I wanted -_- So my mom came to get us, & we headed home. After dinner, Ma' & I went to DonQuijote, then shopping afterwards. Didn't buy much because I wasn't in the mood. Blah! Now I'm hereeeeee doing this! & About to get off as soon as these pictures get edited.. My eyes are hella' irritatin' me right now. It's like one is watery but the other isn't. o_O

Alrighty, Catch ya' later!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day..

So technically, I was suppose to spend the day with the girls- shopping of course.. but as always things don't go the way it's planned. & I was looking foward to it, but headche was kicckin' in by 12 & I got lazy to get ready. But on the plus side, boyfriend came over :) yay! Hehe, It felt good to finally see him since I havnt since forever long! Just watched T.V. while we fed ourselves. Had laughs here n' there & just basically spend quality time. After he left, I ended up falling asleeep again, for like, 3 hours.

Now i'm keeping myself occupied, on this & watching the campaign '08. & I have a strong feeling it'll be OBAMA. The first African-American president. There isn't anything wrong with that, but the world needs a CHANGE, agree? [:

Heh, Alrighty! Gonna go watch TV then shower in a tad bit. Until then i'll be keepin' my eyes on the T.V. since MYSPACE is actin' up. -_-


Monday, November 3, 2008

Accomplishing work.

Ugh, I woke up 645, -_- Forced myself to get up .. Got ready n' whatever. Gosh! I'm SO in need of a car ;( I hate walking my ass to school every mornin' & afterschool. Total bullshit.

1st period- OHG! 6 pages of math test! WTF right? >; But! It wasn't as bad as I though it'd be.
2nd period- Talked stories with Ash & Alan. Finished my work before the bell rang. YAY me! =) Accomplished something for once in period 2! HAHA.
LUNCH- finally cruised w/ the girls. After A whole weeek at Canon's w/ Assssh & Alan them. Hah. It was good [: Caught up w/ things. Geez, I've beeen missin' a lot, & how I missed them oh so much ;] HAHA.
3rd period- Finished up my flashcards, & Everything else. So proud of myself. I had extrra time, & I was totally falling asleep!
4th period- WAS STUPID as always! We had the R.S.V.P. people, or whatever. Splitt'd up into groups & I was put w/ Kevin, that buttcrack .. Oh & Some buncha' weird people. It was hella' boring.. My eyes we're closinnn'! But yeah, whatever. Lol, I hate that class. It's so stupid! So is the teacher. Ah, whatever.
Went to my grandma's afterschoooool.

& Now I have nothing better else to do but this besides watch the news.. & I'm so glad there's no school tomorrow due to Election day, hehe. Can't wait to see who's gonna win & who's actually sticking to there words (Obama or McCain) & As well as the Mayors. HA, their gettin' so competitive, especially 'cause i'm seeing all these Ad's on TV about Mufi from Kobayashi.. MEAN, I tell ya'.

Anyway! I think I worked hard enough today! HA. Hopefully I get to see boyfraaan tomorrow =) Okie dokie artichokie! I have yet to eat dinner & homework awaiting me.. Ciao for now [;

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Busy weekends

Yes indeeed. Lol, Lets recap, sha'll we? [;

FRIDAY: Hallloweeen, lol. So I got ready for school. I didn't feel like dressing up -_- I have no clue why. But anyway, 1st peirod was okay. Mr. Pasalo was HARRY POTTER. He let us go from doing our test so instead we watched Meet The Spartans. 2nd period was whatever. Did work & whatnot. Talked stories.. Lunch, Stayed at Canon's for the 4th time this weeek, lol. Alan got us food :] Talked to them. 3rd period .. NOTES as always -_- 4h, Had a sub. Cruised. Took pics.

Mommy came to get me afterschool. Then headed to Kalihi. Got there, Got ready. & Headed to Alas.. -_- BAD PART OF THE NIGHT. So like, we had to wait for an hour & 30 minutes for the stupid bus, fuck! Then, when we got there.. Trick-or-treated lil' bit then had to go back to my aunties because family dramas. ;( haw, too personal. A lot of shit happend. Slept it off for awhile 'till maryann came home. She brang leslie & I to waikiki. HELLLA CRAZY! LMAO. so much funny people, people yelling, nude people, etc. It was crazy. Went to my cousins boyfriends working place (A Club) Walked around lil' bit. Saw a fight, i swear. People go SO CRAZY on Halloween. Lol. Got home around 1:30AM & crassshed! I was so exhausted!

Woke up at 10ish. Mommy came to get me at 11. Went to go run errands. Then she dropped me off home while she went to my grandma's to help out for my grandpa's birthday. Ugh, boyfriend made me mad so I slept it off for a good 3 hours :) Daddy woke me up to get ready. & we left to my grandma's house. & Here I am, Lol. I swear my cousins are such rockband/guitar hero freaks! Their so good, i'm jay >;] HA. Welll, the night is going goood so far =)
Oh btw, first day of the month! geee, that went by so FAST huh? It's almost christmas ;P

Well, 'till then.. "PEACE TO THE WORLD" hahahahaha.