Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stolen Camera

YA!! FUCK, I'm so pissed right now!! Fuck, I never knew people could be so fucking EVIL ever in their fucking life! IM SERIOUS. FUCK. I miss my camera! >;( SO MUCH PICTURES! & The best camera i've ever had! UGGGGH. Fuck whoever stole it, SHIT. They don't even know, fuck!! It's like why wont you go ask your fucking parents to buy you shit, you know? FUCK. Shame on all you fucking fucks out there who thinking you can steal shit & get away with it! Who In the world do you think you guys are?!!! FUCK. Did you not learn to keep your hands to you fucking selves in KINDERGARTEN?!???? UGH. Im so pisssssssssed >:

& To make things even more INTERESTING!, During 4th, I went to use the restrooom. So as soon as I was done, I opened the fucking stall door & the supid top of the door fell off & hit my fucking face! It's not even funny, fuck. & I died my hair black yesterday & i'm thinking it's my fucking hair giving me badluck! OR it could be because tomorrows halloween & everything is going so bad for me.. FUCK, I dont fucking know what it is. But I so don't feel like going to school tomorrow!! Nor do I feel like going Kalihi tomorrow >: HAW. Fuck.




Almost all the things I heard today, DISSAPOINTED ME. Ugh -_- "You don't realize what you got, 'till it's GONE" TRUE RIGHT? I was in this alone before, Except now i'm in the middle of TWO but I only feel ONE'S pain. Man, this is the reason why people needa' stay faithful to those they got. Even if it means making you mad on a daily basis, or maybe even getting you mad because one's being hard-headed, or whatever It Is. Just because they do things you don't like or get you mad or irritated for whatever reason it doesn't mean you break-up to make up & make up to break-up. You should be thankful for what God gives you, And for what you have. Why is it that sometimes we never see what we got in front of our eyes? "Don't go looking for what you don't got, Look for what you DO got." TRUE, Ugh. I hate having to be in the middle of two & end up having people get mad at me, or even feeling dissapointed all the time. Then again, Life isn't easy. And we can't always have the easy way out. We all go through tough times in order for us to learn, right? ..

School, however ..

Was good as always. It was kinda' boring though, not like the past two days. But anyway, 1st period wasn't that bad. Ash & I used Mr. Pasalo's computer go on blogger & do our teenbiz. Then the class watched Alvin & The Chipmunks :D IT WAS SO CUTE. Like, really! Lol, So lame- I know. Then during lunch, Ash Alan Britney & I walked to manapua man for the third time in a row -_- SO FAT already, shit. Im not proud of it (So to keep myself from going, I left my wallet at home so I wouldn't need to go tomorrow, lol!) Stayed at Canon's to kill time during lunch. Period 2 was boring! We we're supposed to do our debate but didn't end up doing it, due to the fact that Canon was doing his computer work while the rest of us just sat there conversating & laughing. 3rd period however, was hecka' boring! AS ALWAYS. x_x Took notes most of the time. 4th period- Uh, we had A sub so that was a PLUS. Lol, He's pretty chill & Didn't bug us about not using the computer. So we tweaked on myspace & blogger. Lol, then It was the end of schoool, YAY. Another of going to all periods. [:

Lol, I don't think I blogged yesterday but I got to go shopping again =D Mom, Chelle & I went to pearls. I didn't really feel like shopppping .. But I got me some stuffs from Charlotte's =D YAY, lol.

'Till tomorrow, Night folks <3

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy birthday grandpa! <3

I love school now. ONLY BECAUSE the classes are hella' shorter ;D It wont be for long, But i'll enjoy it now .. HA. Went to all peiods today, & I'm proud of myself. =) School was great, actually. Went to the manapua man w/ ashley during lunch. Then stayed in Canons. 2nd period was just notes -_- 3rd period was whatever. Notes, also but I was falling asleep! Lol, I dont know wha It is but I'm ALWAYS falling asleep in there. It isn't even as boring as 4th period. LAUGH A LOT to make time worth [: So that was good. Just Ethel, Ash, & I. HAHA.

Other than school, Still feelin' like shit about what I found out yesterday X_X BBL.

EDIT: Geee, my eyes are like really irritating me!! UGH. It's like watery! Everytime I wipe it, it just ends up watery AGAIN. what the fuck is that!? SO ANNOYING. I hope it's not a sign that i'm becoming sick AGAIN .. ;( SHIT, I have a lot of homework to catch up on. A lot of things to do, & Not only that, but talk to my mom *EEEK. I'm scared x_x

** GOOD GREIF, I didn't know It was my grandpa's birthday 'till earlier, HOW SAD right? -_- Anyways, Mom & I went to go get something for him so we went to Longs & Foodland; Bought him loads of peanuts (Because those are his favorites! :D), We also got him Chocolate Haupia Pie, & A bag of rice ;] LMAO. I know, kinda shame & silly but it'll be worth it. Better than nothing, right? Hm. Now i'm at my grandma's, just finished doing my teenbiz & eating pie :) Yay, today's goood for me. Hopefully it's like that tomorrow .. bye!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


HAHA, It's been a week since I had blogger. WOW? Lol, ANYWAY. Currently at my grandma's house because it'll be more convenient for my parents, for me to stay here so that they don't have to worry about dropping me off early in the morning & then ending up catching traffic all because of me. HM.

Anyways continuing about what I've been thinking.. So like, Someone else is in he same position as me except I havn't told anyone but my cousin. And the sucky part Is, I don't even know how to talk to my mom about this. I don't want to end up having family problems continuously, I don't want to end up having only ONE by my side, while I see the other one LATER. Let's just put It this way- I DON'T WANT TO LOSE WHAT MATTERS TO ME THE MOST, You know? I don't wanna live my life having many difficulties In the long run. I don't want to be someone different than I already am because this whole thing will end up affecting me. I really dont. But what other choices do I have? -_- If I let either one of them know, It'll only end up hurting me in the end .. Man .. Where do I go from here? -_-

So maybe I lett'd he whole world know now that I posted this, But I know there's others out there that feel the same way I do, & hurt more than I do & knows how It feels like.. That's why I pray for all of you & for myself as well because afterall, WE ALL GOT GOD. And he's probably the only one who knows what i'm going through and how it's hurting me..


UH HUH. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today! HA. Mother woke me up at 9. Got ready for church, went downstairs to eat BUT there wasn't any plates left besides this small ass plate & my mom expects me to eat off of a SMALL plate. What's gonna fit on there?!, ONE PEICE OF EGG AND HALF A SCOOP OF RICE? So stupid, I tell ya'. SOMETIMES THINGS ARE SO UNFAIR. Being that I was hungry! -_- UGH. I know, talk about FATASS. So I forgot about it. I went back up then down when I finished gettin' ready. Then my mom starts bitchin' & trippin' for no reason! UGH so that made me even more mad that I CRIED out of frustration. Got to church & told Dulce. But then as always, Church makes me happy =) Lol, So I forgot about it. And the funny thing is, we learned about LOVE today & the 10 commandments. And the 4th Commandment was "YOU SHALL HONOR YOUR MOTHER & FATHER" Bwahaha. I felt like it was hinting me or something. o_O But overall, church was good as always. What can I say right, GOD IS GOOD<3 =) No doubt.

So my mom came to pick us up. And I totally forgot about what happen this morning. She said SORRY to me. So it was whatevers, [: Lol. Afterall we did learn about love, so I have to love HAHA. Anywho, my mom & I went to go pamper ourselves since we didn't want to stay home. I got a manicure while my mom got A pedicure and she got to color her hair. Lol. Got my bangs trimmed. But the suckiest thing is, the lady that did my manicure SUCKED butt -_- Too bad TINA wasn't there to do my nails. It would have been a lot more easier. But that's okay, nails is nails right? Right. So we headed home after.

OH! & I found out some things today that really brang me down & got me thinkin'. -_- As much as I don't want to think about it .. It's like HOW CAN I NOT, You know? Being that she's my mom & this is happening. UGH. I've been hinting her down this whole day but I dont think she notices that what she's doing Is wrong. MAN I feel so bad .. I'm so afraid of letting others know because it'll hurt my family as well as MYSELF in the long run. ;( Gosh, this sucks!

Half of my weekend

Just got home not too long ago. Spent half of my weekend at Kalihi. Man, It's ALWAYS fun there. ;) Lol. But anyways, Rode bus afterschool to Kalihi since that was my only transportation (SAD HUH?). HA, Went to my auntie's house. Then went to get food that we could sneak In into the movies, that way we wouldn't have to spend A lot on JUNK FOOD. Ended up at 7-11 then headed to the movies. Like always, my cousin got us In for FREE =D Lol, Watched SAW 5 first. Ugh, & I totally lost my apetite x_x That shit was nasty, foreal. But anyways, after SAW 5, my cousins & I sneaked into the 10:10 HSM3. I gotta' admit, even if their was so much singing, the movie was hella' good ;D EHE. After that we waited for my cousin to finish work (which was around 12) Got back to my cousins house & crashed. I was hella' TIRED -_-

And as for today .. HM, lol. It was good also. Stayed at Kalihi since we we're having a small BBQ for my grandpa's 80th birthday ^_^ Hehe, well now I'm finally home. OH, how it feels good to be home ;] LOL. Mkay, well church tomorrow; Something that I'm looking foward to! :)

Man, I like blogging. Even if the things I write are like USELESS. [: This is so much better than MYSPACE. I think I tend to blog more than I tweak? Lol, yay me? HAHA. Only because MySpace Is corrupted by so many " asdfghjkl people " Lol, Doesn't make sense but okay, whatever ;p IM TIRED!


Friday, October 24, 2008


Currently in 4th period. Okay, so yeah. I made the effort to go only because we we're having a test. But that's okay, my day is going so far, so good ;] haha, that's a first. Usually I'd be cranky as always but today is Friday so that's something to be happy about. Lol. Anywho, spending my weekend at Kalihi, again. Probably going to watch SAW 5 or HSM3L tonight since my cousin works and is willing to get us in for free ;] YEY!

Alright, gonna get back to doing work, that way my annoying teacher won't bust me. LATER GATOR :)

Better than yesterday

Havn't blogged yesterday due to the fact that I didn't have my laptop with me. But that's okay, I lived. LOL. Anywho, Yesterday was boring. Classes we're stupid especially my fourth period. The teacher Is so DUMB to me. She whines and complains about how we're always acting like 5th graders. Geez, It's her fault she gives us so much little work (that she never makes us turn in besides the UN-important ones). So dumb. & She teaches us like we're 5th graders. So we're all talking so softly right, & she's over yelling " GUYS THIS IS SERIOUS. STOP TALKING & GET YOUR WORK DONE " Like geez, you make like you never talked in your life. SO ANNOYING, I tell ya! She's trippin' for no reason. But whatever.

TODAY, however, was good. Well, not really. BETTER THAN YESTERDAY. So 1st period was always A drag knowing how much work he gives us now. I feel so stupid, I never seem to finish them. How lame. But anyway, did group work with Ash, Chong, & Jayr. Talked stories w/ Ash & the usual, listen to the Itouch & do work. Then 2nd period, Finished up work that I didn't get to do yesterday (because the sub took forever long & kept talking) & then did group work. As always, It's Ash, Alan, & I. Got our debate posters done and whatnot. Mmm, then it was lunch. Just chilled w/ the usuals. Talked stories w/ michelle them. So silly, lol. & Then I was looking foward to go to 3rd period. But Chelle calls me up because she didn't wanna go to 3rd, But I wanted to. BUT THEN, Mr. Legaspi was our sub so I didn't end up staying. I didn't feel like dealing with his bullshit, today. And I'd always have Bad vibes around him. It's like he's so UPTIGHT. So yeah, I met up with Chelle & her friend dropped us off to my house. Ended up falling asleep for a good 2 hours =) FINALLY. I needed that rest. Lol. & I didn't feel like going to 4th period would be worth It. She's lame, like really.

Around 5ish, Zayla came over. & She totally made my day A lot better ;D (SHE ALWAYS DOES) Lol, I played w/ her & her barbie toy since she didn't have anyone to play with. LOL, & we just laughed for a good 10 minutes. She's so silly but cute ^_^ lol, then yeah. They left, & My mom, Chelle, & I decided to go out. So we did. Didn't feel like spending much today because I spent a lot yesterday PLUS, my boyfriend was being an asshole. But that's okay, I still love em' =) Ehe. HM- well that was pretty much my whole day.

Can't wait for tomorrow =) FRIDAY AGAIN. Damn, days are just going by so quickly huh? [; BYE <3

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lesson learned.

Same thang, Different day.
Hm, Was 5 min. late to 1st period. Just did work. Didn't get my work done, but at least I did majority of It. Talked to Ashley & whatnot. Then 2nd- Just talk stories, then did my constructed response & talked again 'till bell rang. At lunch, Sanster took Ash & I to the manapua man. Didn't wanna go back to school, yet. So we ended up going to the bank since Quincy needed to cash out his check. Then after, we headed back to school. Talked to Dulce about things, & It pretty much made me upset AGAIN. Hmph. -_- It never ends. 3rd period was just notes & learning how to read a stethoscope & took down Dee's blood pressure, & vise versa. Then, 4th was a bitch as always. Did pretty much the usual thang we do. Irritatin', I tell ya'. I didn't even do anything besides listen to my IPod & vent to Ash & Ethel (my favorites!) HA. They always have the right thing to say, LAAAV IT. Anyway, went to BK afterschool because Margie & I we're hunnnngry. LOL, then to my grandma's. Hm, now I'm finally home.. Beeen a long day >_<

Aside frm school, things just been going downhill for me today. & It just wasn't my day. -_- Friends, School, Life in general, etc. Anyways, here's a couple of things I wanted to tell you*-

You did this to me, & If this is the way your going to take everything, then let It be. I can't change whats been said or done. So let it be.. You tell us that we'll never be forgiven- girl, check yeh' self before you wreck yehself. You know? I just don't get It how one week ago you we're so "ah, whatever. no need. why you doing this to me?" & then all of a sudden you become all goodygood & making like everything comes to you so gahdamn easy like you have no hardships whatsoever. It's nice to know you care about *IT, but then again .. Why are you doing this to others? Do you even care how much your words hurt others? Do you listen to yourself when your saying those kinds of things? DO YOU? Hm.. You make things seem so interesting now. You aint the same girl I used to know .. But that's alright. Change is change, right? Right. It really frustrates me how you think you know everything about it, but yet again, you don't TRULY know what it's all about. Just a one time life experience and you feel it'll change you forever? SURE, perhaps It would? BUT REALLY- forever? Heh, Funny aint It. Oh & 'If you don't like me then it's mind over matter. I don't mind & you don't matter.'

And to add to that, Life Is pretty much making me realize who my true friends are now. & As much as It hurts, It's also my MY OWN GOOD. So I'll let It be, ya' know? Because what's meant to be will always find It's way. So therefore, I wont let It bother. Shit happens, right? DAMN RIGHT. People grow up, We'll all find spaces from each other; EVENTUALLY. & That's just what Highschool Is about. YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES & YOU KNOW NOT TO EVER DO IT AGAIN. And this time around I know better to NOT give In, even when I know I know I shouldn't. Only because I feel that I've gave In so much, And you guys just take advantage of it. Yeh know? ANYWAYS lesson learned. There's more to life than just this.. & I'll always keep In mind that GOD WILL NEVER GIVE ME ANYTHING I CAN NOT HANDLE. <3

Monday, October 20, 2008


Yet another Monday & school was such a drag today! -_- BOOHOO! First period was okay. Did pretty much all I needed to do w/o talking this time [: I actually got work done, HAHA. Second period was alright. Just laughed & the usual- Didn't do work. I figured he'd only make us take our work home rather than turning it in because that's how Canon Is, Lol. Anyways, Lunch was whatever. Lol. Kinda' got hella' irritated but whatever HA I wont let it phase me. Third period was boring as usual. Just did work & what-not. & Fourth was irritating, too! Stupid sub was so annoying, UGH. Thank god i'm finally home. Or at my grandma's, I should say. Lol.

Hmph, Oh. The world has been so irritating lately, HA. So much S.O.'s & rub-it-in-your-face kinda' people & It's annyoing. Like shi', shut the fuck. Lol, But it's okay, whatever I wont let it phase me =) I know better, lol. Hm..

Anywho! Off to do homework, or probably sleep! :] BYE.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hm, Sundays' are always church. & Today church went by quick & our topic of discussion was a lot interesting than most discussions our class usually has. But anywho, Finally got my rosary & actually prayed the rosary. LOL, I've been waitin' on It! HA. Then church finished- My 'rents came to get me & Dulce. Headed to pearls, & I finally got my halloween costume that I wanted ^_^ Lol. Hm, Got home & ate lunch. Lol. I Don't think I'm doing anything tonight besides do homework that I havn't done yet, since there's school tomorrow. Ugh school Is always a DRAG. Owell! Ehhe, mkay LATERYO.

EDIT; Update from this afternoon- Mmm, Lately things seem to be going downhill for me, & It really sucks ); School, Life, Boys, Etc., All at ONCE. Mang -_- It sucks. I wish I was one to handle things without having to complain & whine about how hard It would be doing. Things just pretty much seem to get harder for me. As much as I try to focus so much on school, other things that are non-important always get to me. And sometimes life at home Is just TOO MUCH. Hmph. And I also don't get boys these days. UGH. Why can't they be so open to their peers. And tell them how they feel. It's so annoying. I wish I knew how to tell you..

Anywho, Had to give up some time for GOD & School work, of course. Back to going to my grandma's since schoool Is tomorrow -_- Mang. So much for me, huh? Ehe, I thought today would be great. But they messed It up. But why should I let It bother me right? RIGHT. Ehe, I don't know. Just though I'd let It out. Heh. Well I'm off to do homework then Catch some ZzZZzzz's .. (;

Saturday, October 18, 2008

To start off ..

So, It was 6AM right, & usually at that time I'm sleeping. But this morning I got an unexpected phone call from my cousin. Which was weird because she usually doesn't call me early in the morning. HA. But anyway, I was too tired to talk so we hung up 10 minutes later. And I conintued on with my sleep. Then again, I awake at 9:00 sharp. Weird huh? Lol. So I got up to find out nobody home but my grandpa, HA I went downstairs to make me breakfast and what-not. After that, I really had nothing to do but Myspace & read peoples blogspot. Then I decided to make a BlogSpot, myself. It seemed to interest me. HA. & Whatever, It goes on n' on.

But anyway. Today Is gonna be quite a busy day since my family & I are celebrating my daddy's birthday as well as having a house-warming, also, since we moved into our Ocean Pointe house. But anyway gotta' go help the 'rents and what-not with everything. Hopefully tonight will turned out goood, as planned. & Hopefully the kids wont be so naughty like always, HA. I'd be damn- Their hella' hard to care for. HAHA. Alrighty, LATERYO.

Edit; Hm, so a little update from this morning .. Uh. Practically the whole day was boring aside from helping my madre & grandma cook for tonight, ehe. Other than that, It's been really boring. Finally glued the peices of the Hello Kitty puzzle that I was procrastinating on for the LONGEST, LOL. Now I finally have the chance to put It on my wall. HAHA. Mkay, Gonna go hit the showers before everyone gets here.